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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

this is about the devil aka anxiety by jess

Does anyone else let anxiety take the wheel? Yesterday anxiety won because i was so excited about my workout i couldnt calm myself down. The day before yesterday anxiety won because i saw the numbers on my workout and for some reason i got a little nervous and couldnt get my head out of my butt. One day i will win.

When i get any kind of anxiety i feel the devils breath and just so you know, it smells. It's like he steals my air and i cant control what my lungs are doing or my heart. My heart goes all ADHD and beats so crazy and my lungs forget how to expand.

I've talked to my sports psychologist a lot of this specific subject because i KNOW it holds me back both in training and in competition. He taught me something called circle breathing. Y'all should google it. Basically what circle breathing does is allow you to get oxygen to your muscles so they can perform properly. I mean think about it if the car didn't have oil would it still run right? i mean... i'm no doctor but....

If you have anxiety and stress like me in the gym or at your job or at the bank dont worry the devil has a weakness. JUST BREATH.

Adam who is my sports psychologist aka angel saving me from my demons sent me this today:

Checking out your breathing before any athletic event should be as routine as making sure your shoes are tied. Without full, open breathing, you won't be able to perform up to your potential. Breathing properly is important because it sets the stage for other mental and physical responses that cue your body to prepare for competitive stress. With each inhalation, you should induce a feeling of relaxation; with each exhalation, focus on letting go of any muscular tension in the body.

I just saved your life. 


1 comment:

Jessica G. said...

I suffer from horrible anxiety. It affect almost everything I do. Usually, the anxiety takes a hold of my dreams and I can't sleep.

My best plan is to pray, and I also have had to change my diet to help.

I hope you can push past this!