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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rhythm and Ribs 2013

     Recently, I was invited to be a celebrity judge at a BBQ cook off at the 2013 Rhythm and Ribs event in Cottonwood, Az. I was accompanied by two other stellar athletes:

April Steiner-Bennet


Rhonda Rajsich.

     We were allowed to bring friends or family along to get VIP passes so I brought a couple of my friends along. The contest was short a couple of judges so my friends got to be judges. They were pumped! We had such a good time judging delicious meats and got to take our half eaten food with us.

Copious amounts of leftovers.

Eric Paslay to the left

Keith Anderson to the right

     We got to hang out in the VIP tents and had coupons for free food and drinks. In the VIP tents, we got to meet and hang out with Eric Paslay (country singer), Keith Anderson (country singer/songwriter), and Jimmie Van Zant. Keith Anderson told us about how he had asked if he could try some bbq and he was given a plate of half eaten food. As a taste tester, you only take a bite or two. So he must have gotten some of our food. It was pretty hilarious.
     Whilst my friends walked around, drank, and ate food, April, Rhonda, and I got to help with charity auctions and some other fun things.
     Overall, the event was very cool and I am glad I went. I really hope I am invited to go again next year.

In case you've never heard of the people I've discussed, here are some videos:



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