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Saturday, September 28, 2013

how i relate fearlessly, J

Today was the best day i've had in a long time. I was funny. No really like actually super funny. Maybe not but i still had fun announcing for my first time ever instead of lifting at a competition. I got mad jokes yo... oh and i did a good job like announcing lifters n all that i guess too. 

After the meet i went to a Crossfit gym with an old teammate of mine Adrian Tunaya. He's competed nationally for years and he's a pretty good 69kg lifter lifting for Team Florida-Altamonte (where it all began for me). He lifts for TFA but he coaches at this Crossfit gym i trained at today called Crossfit Country. He coaches a weightlifting team (Crossfit country militia) IDK what a militia is but it's in the name and its kinda fun to say. It's like malicious but militia get it? Anywho Adrian and i were just minding our own business listening to the Disney movie Mulan soundtrack while doing our snatches and what not when i came across this quote in my head. It's a quote i am going to vow to live by. Its a quote that i feel like everyone can relate to...especially pretty strong women. It's a good quote. 

because i am aware of my flaws
because i have learned to recognize illusion from reality
because i learn from my mistakes
because i have felt hate"

In reality i thought of this quote because i was feeling a little defeated in my workout. Yes, it went basically perfect but i was tired. I don't know about y'all but when i'm physically tired and mentally tired my brain gets really sassy with me. My brain, lets call her beez brain, tends to pick out every flaw i have. She tells me i'm not good anymore, i'm too old to train this hard, i don't have what it takes, and she even tells me i look fat with my belt on. When all i want to do is punch beez brain in her fat ugly ovally shaped useless goo i focus all the energy i have left on singing along to "be a man" instead. 

The mental side to training is just as hard as the physical part. Sometimes you just need to relax and remember how amazing you are. You're supposed to feel tired because that means you're training hard. I know every time i have to convince myself i can make whatever the weight is on the bar and i do is one step closer to being a real live champion. Even if being a GOLD medalist isn't in God's plan, for me being a champion has a lot more to do with what color hangs around my neck. 

Be tough because you're not the only one struggling, i am too. American Open 2013 here we come.


p.s ya'll should totally print out that quote and live by it with me. 

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