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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jessica moves to florida

sooo, whats up? what's new with you? what's your new favorite song? ok. I know i've been avoiding the subject of my performance at the National Championships this year. I know that it was less than stellar. Actually, it was the most embarrassing day of my life and thats saying a lot i mean have you met me? It was a wake up call for me. In an attempt at staying confident and finding a silver lining it was almost a blessing. I made a lot of changes last year, and honestly every year since 2008. I've been looking for the perfect environment for my training, emotionally and over all well being. As y'all know i've tried a lot of different places: Marquette, MI...Boise, ID...Colorado Springs, CO...and finally San Jose, CA. In every place there where different pieces i loved and hated.

One consistency about each place was that i let outside distractions interfere with my performances and used them as excuses. When you want something so badly it hurts sometimes its hard to blame yourself for the mistakes. It's like how could it be my fault? Why would i self sabotage myself if its my own dream? Well.. i still don't really know the answer to that but i've decided to regroup back home in florida. I've realized life isn't perfect and it's how you handle the struggle that matters. Maybe i cant force a perfect training environment for me but at least i wont be missing my family as much.

Theres a lot of rumors flying around about the move. Let me clarify for everyone: I'm still a Catalyst Athlete. I'm still madly in love with Greg and Aimee Everett. I'm not home sick anymore. I have two pugs (Duke, and Ellington). I'm still training to be the best lifter i can be which hopefully is an Olympian. I'm still named Jessica. I still compete clean. I still will visit the OTC. I still will visit Catalyst. I'll do my best to post videos to our PrettyStrong youtube.

Here's my update on training for Frankie Murray:
I'm back on Zygmunt's program. Greg and Z are working together. Danny Camargo is watching my lifts in the gym. I'm feeling great in every way. My body weight is pretty low right now so we've been talking about what weight class to compete in 58kg or 63kg. I feel great in both classes so i guess i'll just see what i weigh closer to the American Open. I finished last week off with a good 78kg snatch and 100kg clean and jerk. Not my best but getting closer to getting back into record breaking shape. I'm feeling more confident than i've felt in over a year about my lifts. I'm very excited to see what God has waiting for me in the next few months. All i know for sure is that i'm going to stay focused and work my butt off. I plan on giving every day everything i've got.

Also, i'm going to be doing seminars around the country some with Sarah Robles, and some with one of my bestfriends Mike Cerbus. He's one of the best 77kg lifters and if you don't already know that i'm in a big fight with you. If you want us to come to your gym and teach you all about snatches and jerks n stuff we'd be happy too! Mike's pretty handsome so it can be distracting at seminars just warning you.
JK but seriously he's a great teacher and so is Sarah! (i am too obvi). If you're interested in a seminar send me a facebook message or email me at


1 comment:

Maria Guerrero said...

Hey great post! It's great to see that big lifters also have the same challenges as "regular" people like us do, like the type of environment we lift in does affect us very much (specially us girls). I have had the same issue and I hate it, I also wished my "coach" would actually coach, my teammates would be supportive and people wouldn't hate when they see or know you are getting better....but exactly as you said..there are not perfect people, environment or such, it's exactly as you make it to be...which kind of sucks but oh well lol, maybe somewhere hidden in this world there is that perfect environment with the perfect people...*sigh*

Much respect and love!