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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Strength Guild and Crossfit Olathe 3 day seminar

So I went to the Topeka/Olathe, Kansas area this weekend and thought I'd share my experience with you all.

The seminar/camp went well. There were a few people that did the 3 day camp whereas there were a few that just did the one day clinic.

I was very flattered that people wanted to come and listen to me. I had one guy come in  from California and two people I know came all the way over from the Netherlands!

I was picked up from the airport and we we decided to get something to eat. The most obvious place was this one restaurant (I don't remember the name) because it was shiny and had a drive-thru. We saw a lot of farms, hay cylinders and...cows. What a sight Kansas was!

Upon getting to the Strength Guild, which is a super cool home/barn gym of doom, we stretched, got into our lifting shoes, and started learning the Snatch. The Snatch is the more technical of the two lifts so I decided to get started on that. After the lifting, we just sat around talking about lifting, programming, and getting to know about me a little bit. That night we went and had Dickey's for dinner. Mmm barbeque.

Off to the Strength Guild!

Their chalk bucket was a toilet. This humored me greatly.

The next day was a clinic over at Crossfit Olathe. We went over the Snatch, had some dialogue and lunch.
The men's restroom

The women's restroom
 I think it's pretty obvious that I love potty humor.

I signed the Crossfit Olathe wall under the condition that they put a picture of me up in the gym.

Next time I come to Olathe, I better see a picture of me up on the wall. haha

Beautiful gym and beautiful people.
For lunch we had pizza. Pizza is awesome. We let our tummies continue to rest so we didn't do clean and jerk and throwing ups.

We then learned how to perform cleans, jerks, and clean and jerks together, I did  quick demo and had a q&a with photos after. We rested and ate dinner at Dickey's again.

The last day of our camp was less structured. We just sat around and talked shop and enjoyed each other's company for a while then my Netherlands friends had gotten massages and two of the athletes went through a work out. I watched and pitched in as one of the athletes got two personal records right before my eyes! It was really cool. We took a break in between her Snatch and Clean and Jerks to get Mexican food for lunch. After lunch we all just kind of sat/lied around for bit watching youtube videos, started a puzzle, and played with the gym kiddos.

Putting together a puzzle of the world.

Mexican food makes you tired. Especially after not really doing anything in the morning

One of the athletes commenced Clean and Jerks after our lunch/rest fest was over. She made another pr and then her husband proceeded to bring us candy and junk food: snickers, hostess cupcakes, rolos, reeses peanut butter bups, and hershey kisses. After the work out, we had more shop talk, programming, getting to know each other, and had so much fun laughing with each other and at the kids for being hilarious.

We were replenishing our glycogen stores... Promise ;)
We went back to our hotel for naps and then reconvened for more food. We went to the Dillon's grocery store and picked out some things we wanted, ate it at the hotel, and said our good byes and took lots of pictures.

Overall, the camp was a lot of fun and very casual. I certainly hope that I was able to impart a good amount of knowledge and experience onto the athletes who wanted to learn more. I feel like I made some good, new friends. It was good experience and will help me for future speaking opportunities and camps.

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Em said...

Sarah, do you have a schedule of your travels/workshops? I would fall over and die with joy if you were going to be in Brooklyn.