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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keep Calm and Snatch On

'Member when you were learning cursive and you were all like..bro this is korean it's not even english? OR OR do you remember when you were in math class learning ANYTHING it was like ummm this is some Russian shiz? Well, that's how I feel learning the Olympic lifts are like for beginners, except add the calluses and multiply the sweat, subtract the pencil and something about a square root. Just like in math class when the teacher breaks it down into steps like, "math for dummies" you have to divide that one number on the left into the smallest number on the right before you do all the rest, or something.

Every coach, like every teacher, has their own way to teach the progressions of the lifts. I believe the most popular is the famous coach Burgener with his "Burgener warm-up"-- see Olympic lifting Crossfit cert and/or the YouTube demo. Another is my current coach Greg Everett with his posters that are literally in pretty much every single gym I've ever been to all over the country. (you can purchase them on the site)
Personally, I combined all the million coaches styles I've ever had into my own.

Long story short, you can't just watch some Bulgarians snatching on Youtube, or those crazy Chinese lifters that BTW start lifting when they're like almost taking their first steps still in diapers on TV. You HAVE to break it down to efficiently put it back together correctly.

Don't walk into some Gold's Gym and pick up a bar and try to snatch cuz it looked cool when Natalie Burgener did it on It causes bad habits, injuries and it hurts my eyes, seriously though.

AMEN....I mean fearlessly,


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Dr. David Benkle said...

It all seemed to finally make sense as you broke down each lift into a series of smaller progressive steps. That is what an old right brained individual needed for things th click