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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Speaking at a women's conference

As many of you my have read recently, I went back home to San Jacinto, Ca to speak at a Women's conference. It was a great experience and I hope I get many more speaking opportunities in the future.

After training on that Wednesday night, I flew out to Ontario, Ca. This is where I received a ride and had great conversation with a representative from the CR&R waste management company. They were a large sponsor of the event. I was housed at the Hampton Inn in Hemet and had a great night's sleep.

My mom came to eat breakfast with me and we did our last bits of preparing to leave for the event. We got off to a little comical start. My mom had to stop at Target to get a new memory card for her camera then came to get me. While she was checking self in the mirror, she noticed she had the tags still attached to her butt. "Thank goodness I touched my own butt!" she said followed by "Why didn't anyone at Target tell my the tag was still on?!" Haha as if it was their responsibility. We were ready to go, so I thought. "Are you going to wear shoes?"  my mom asked. We laughed. We left the room only to notice that I had forgotten my speech on the bed. "Oh yeah. I guess I need that too." Like mother like daughter.

We arrived at the event and hopped in toward the end of one woman's speech then we listened to Super Intendant Shari Fox's talk. It was very good. I had a lovely introduction and I proceeded to give my speech. The title of my speech was, "“Strength and Adversity Help Dreams Come True." I talked briefly on my past and current adversities have strengthened me to help make my dreams come true. I challenged the men and women in the room to face their challenges and adversities head on and do everything they can to make their dreams come true. I then concluded my speech and received a standing ovation. I was very flattered. It was an amazing feeling. I ended my speech 10 minutes early to open the floor for questions and answers.

I had an interview then ate lunch. We got an art lesson by a Guinness Book of World Record Holder and learned about Georgia O'Keefe, and we learned about business etiquette before my mom and I had to leave.

We saw one of my coach's wife at the conference as well as an old science teacher. I found out that my old science teacher leads a bird watching group in town, which is pretty cool. My old coach and his wife wanted to go out for dinner with my mom and I but, our schedules wouldn't allow it. So after a quick photo shoot at my billboard at the edge of town, I went over to Hemet High and surprised my coach. While I was there I spoke a little to the track team, answered questions, and wished them luck in their season.

A couple of hours later, I had to catch my plane home.
Whew! Busy weekend. It was full of fun, enlightenment, and smiles. So honored.

p.s. when I figure out my new computer, I will add links and photos. :)

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Ana Maria said...

Congrats, Sarah, and Happy International Women's Day!