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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Know your Strength Sports

How many times have people referred to me as a "Power Lifter" or a "Body Builder?"
I guess people don't know the differences at all. Hopefully this will help settle any confusion for some of the main "strength sports." I'll show you pictures then give a brief description. Enjoy!

compete in three events: 
1.) Bench Press
2.) Squat
3.) and Dead Lift

There are many different federations in this sport. There are also different variations of the competition such as "push/pull" which is bench and dead lift, bench only, squat only, dead lift only, equipped or raw (which means with or without special suits/shirt), tested and non tested, and some are even incorporating a strict curl contest. (Hard not to roll your eyes at the last one.) The list I'm sure goes on I'm sure. Here are the three main events:

Bench Press


Dead Lift
Body Builders
compete in three rounds: 
1.) Muscle Balance (symmetry)
2.) Presentation of size and shape
3.) Separation and definition

I am not too well versed in Body Building but, I understand there to be pretty much two different types: natural, and drugged. There are several organizations just as in power lifting. There are quite a few different competitions that fall under the umbrella of body building like fitness, and figure.

Natural Body Building

Natural Body Building
Olympic Weightlifters
compete in two events. Snatch and Clean and Jerk. This is my sport. There is only one national and one international governing body of our sport. No lifting suits, and no doping allowed. At this point you can probably imagine what I am thinking when someone asks if I participate in any of these other sports.



and Jerk
 I am having a hard time finding some reliable information about this event. If you've seen the World's Strongest Man competition on t.v., you'll get the idea of what this sport is. It's a sport that contests many different events. I believe it started with the idea of moving heavy objects like those that were done in mythology, like the atlas stone for example. 

More popular events that I can think of off the top of my head are: fingal finger, yoke, farmer's carry, dead lift, axle clean and "press," atlas stones, and tire flips. Many events have their own combination of events based on what the venue can handle or preference.

Here's a few photos of different events

Atlas Stone

Farmer's Carry

Tire Flip

Hopefully I got my facts straight. If you're in one of these sports and would like me to explain something better, let me know.



Tamara said...

Thanks for the intel. I didn't even know there was a Strongwoman type competition.

Tamara said...

I had no idea there was even a Strongwoman-type event!

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