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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

i wish i may i wish i might -j

Why it'd be nice to have a sponsor as an Olympic hopeful...

to be able to give everything i have into my dream

not to be stressing about $ for rent/food/travel

to maybe sometime be able to fly home and see my family once a year?

to feel confident someone else believes in me

to know i gave everything i had

to give more time for rehab/rest/recovery

to have time to give back-coaching/volunteering

to be able to go to camps to train with other athletes so i dont get complacent or  burnt out

to not add more pain to my body that isnt even caused by lifting but just by standing/walking all day

if it's clothes i'm in a daily video every day that thousands of people watch on youtube...and i happen to wear clothes in the videos

to focus solely on my goal

to maybe be able to go back to school if time permits

to have time to train twice a day

because i tweet a lot

....but don't worry i'd never ask



Tyler Hassell said...

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you" don't be passive about asking, your dream and the desires of your heart if placed firmly with Him are a heartbeat away.

Anonymous said...

I would think it would not be too difficult for you to get a sponsor if you ask. You're a girl and good looking, you train hard, you aim for the olympics, you're watched by a lot. But if you're humble and don't ask - you won't be sponsored.

Dreaming is not enough - action speaks.

Love from Norway