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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

End of the year update: Sarah

I've been having some "first-world" problems not having internet access at home so I am pretty excited to be able to finally sit down and blog!

I just wanted to sit down and kind of let you know how this year has been going and give you some hope for me for this upcoming year.


This year, I had quite a bit of charity events going on. They were all a lot of fun and uplifting and I recommend that you try them out for yourself if you ever get the chance.

*I started a Pen Pal program with first grade students from California. They got my picture, and letters from me, They practiced their reading, writing, and drawing skills. It was adorable!
*I've been helping coach youth weightlifters at our gym. Team Houston Weightlifting is a non-profit organization. Coaching kids is fun even when you get frustrated.
*I organized what I called "Hulkamania Night" at church. We brought old clothes into church and did a clothing exchange, dropped off whatever clothes were left at Goodwill, then all the shirts that were too full of holes or stains we ripped off of ourselves like Hulk Hogan. It was a blast
*When I am home, when we decorate my dad's grave stone, we help clean up and maintain those markers in need. So in honor of what would be my dad's 64th birthday, I took on the task (along with friends and whoever else wanted to help) of cleaning and maintaining 64 graves this month. Currently, I am at 59 and I am at the tail end. I think I have family from my dad's side of the family buried here in the Houston area so I want to finish up by finding out where they are and get to my 64. In the process, I managed to find out that I had a relative buried in the cemetery down the street from my apartment and his wife and son live in the same town as me. I will meet them next Sunday!

Super Secret Project

A couple of months ago I had the privilege or going to Martha's Vineyard to work on a project. We are only a few weeks out now from me being able to announce it and you all getting the chance to nerd out with me. All I can say is that it's going to be "big." 


I had one month of training where I was going 90+% in my Olympic lifts 1-3X a week. I then hurt my upper back a little but but, came back from that fairly strong hitting a front squat personal record at 200 kgs. A little while later, I back squatted 190 kgs for a personal record of 6 repetitions. Since then, I have been struggling with having a tight lower back. I have just now been massage and chiropractic care. It has slowly been getting better especially as some weight loss has been accompanying my treatment. We had a local meet organized where the entry fees went to help me off-set training and living expenses and I lifted as exhibition. I missed a 115 snatch but made 110 and made a 150 clean and jerk. Considering how training was going, how the back was feeling, and my work schedule, I had a pretty decent day. 

Come January 8th, I'll have about 7 months until my suspension is over. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am getting really excited to have something real to train for yet, I am also nervous. 

Personal Life

*I love my job and got a raise recently which is pretty exciting. I still have a long ways to go into being really good at my job but, every day proves to be a fun, new, challenge.
*Still single but, I have my first date since being out here next Saturday
*Church activities are going well. I enjoy the volunteer work I do there. It's definitely testing and refining me in ways I never expected. Most of my friends are from church and they are wonderfully supportive and amazing. 
*My #bitsandbarbells amazing roommate is moving back to Minnesota and that makes me sad.  I get to move in with another friend and get to know her better so I am looking forward to that. I will also be closer to work and training. 
* Gas prices are dropping!
*I have been doing a lot of family history and genealogical work lately and it's surprisingly, a lot of fun.
*I will be a bride's maid for the first time. 

If I think of anything else, I'll try and update you through facebook/twitter

Happy Holidays!



Cody the Clydesdale said...

your an amazing and selfless person Sarah

Cody the Clydesdale said...

I'm ready for an update from one of my favorite athletes. There's been none all of 2015 yet.