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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stuff- September 2014

Oh hey there!

Nice to see you again! Thanks for visiting my blog of doom.

What's been going on with little old, Sarah Robles?

So... I moved to a little town called, Alvin. Raise your hand if you've heard of it! I'm living with a friend from church. Her name is Tegan. Tegan and Sarah! For real. She is hilarious, a perfect friend-match for me, and she loves horses. She's a very talented person. We coined the hashtag #bitsandbarbells and everyday is a new and humorous moment with us.

Training has been going pretty alright. I think I can safely say that I'm in shape right now. Since training here, I have hit a 115 snatch a 145 clean and jerk a 195 front squat and a 210 back squat. They are not my bests but, I am working on some things. I had a pr snatch double with 110 and it looked like I could have done a triple, I had a snatch pr from the hip of 100 and a clean pr from the hip of 130. I have been hitting 105 and 135 in snatch and clean and jerk respectively at least twice a week. I have been trying to lit as exhibition in local competitions but, either there is "not enough room" or I don't hear a response to my request. I'll just keep plugging away though. I have discussed with my coach that I would like to train like I am going to compete at the World Championships. So, I will train and prepare and in roughly 10 weeks, we'll see what I am made of. If I don't do well, hey, it's practice. Rather here than actually at the meet, right? Competition simulation is always hard to do at home but, we'll see if I'm mentally and physically prepped.

Work is going well, at the Depot, I got 3 of my shifts changed to later times. I get an additional two hours of sleep at night which is making all the difference in the world! I have also accepted a coaching position at Yes! Youth Fitness and Sports Performance. Here, I am involved with the Olympic Development program as a throwing coach and strength and conditioning coach. Business for me is slow right now but, hopefully as things progress, I will gain more clients. I am excited for this opportunity and I am looking forward to developing some kids into talented athletes and educating myself in the process.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about food. Because it is delicious, and I like it, and eating it is part of my job. So, I was looking for ways to get sponsorships (which I still struggle with...understandably so...) and I stumbled upon these box-a-month kind of deals. I didn't ask for a sponsorship...yet. Right now, I am going to go ahead and give Love With Food a try. It's a box full of random and delicious healthy and organic snacks for $20/month. We'll see how delicious it is and if it's worth it. The best part for me is that with the purchase of a box (depending on the size) you help provide one-two meals to a hungry kid in the US. LOVE that idea. I feed myself and two other people for $20. Great cause! Anyone else have experience with them? Are they pretty legit?

Hope all is well!

Stay strong,


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