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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Travel Exploits #1 Desert Cities

I've been really thinking lately that I need to start talking about all the cool stuff I've seen around the country and the world and help inspire you all to get outside and do something. Life is way more exciting outside of the four walls we're usually trapped between. I have tried some amazing food, seen some cool things, met interesting people, and whatnot. I hope you all enjoy this series!

I thought I would get started in the Southern California Desert since that is where I am originally from.

In recent years I have come home to see this place really improve. It gets cleaner with more things to do and career opportunities.

Desert Hot Springs:

     Right off the San Andreas fault line, this little down is full of mineral spring spas. My grandparents used to stay at a hotel down the street when visiting us in the summers and a couple of years ago I stayed at the Miracle Springs Spa and Resort. I had a great massage there, the water in the pool is mineral spring water (felt silky somehow), the food at the Capri Restaurant was delicious, and the staff was very friendly. For food, I recommend my favorite Pizza Place: Rocky's. There are quite a few cute little shops and boutiques on Palm Drive. They have recently built the largest Boys and Girls Club in the area which is a great place to let your kids play if you're going to pamper yourself at one of the spas.


     Have you ever watched the Peewee Herman movie where he is in the giant dinosaur? That's Cabazon! They have a gift shop inside of the TRex and you can climb all the way into it's face. Super cool! They have a little museum to look through for a small fee and you can go on a "dig" to find rocks to redeem for prizes and you can sift through rocks to find bones, teeth, and claws.


     I don't endorse gambling but, if that's your thing, there are a couple of casinos in the area to have fun in. There's Pechanga and Casino Morongo. I think there's a casino called Aqua Caliente as well.

Twenty Nine Palms/Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree:

     For the urban person, you may not have fun in this area. It's fairly baron but, there are a lot of great murals to appreciate. Joshua Tree is in that area too and has great rocks for climbing and scrambling. There are a lot of hippie type and yoga type  people, there are a lot of retreats for that type of stuff.

Native American Stuff:

     The Indian Canyons near Palm Springs and Cathedral City are very beautiful. I have hiked these as a kid. I had a neighbor down the street from me growing up (Millie Fischer) that used to do make crafts and tell stories at the reservation nearby. There, you could get flatbread, learn history, and enjoy the beauty around you.

The Living Desert:

      Located in Palm Desert, this zoo is really unique. It features desert dwelling creatures. In the winter time is is decorated beautifully for Christmas and has really awesome train set displays.

Candy Cane Lane:

     Also in Palm Desert, in the winter time, there is a magical thing to happen: Candy Cane Lane! This is like driving though the North Pole!
Palm Springs:

     Palm Springs is a unique place. There are great places to golf, a mall, an art museum, and spas. For those of you in the LGBQT community, this is a very open and fun place to come and hang out.

Coachella Valley:

     Ever heard of Coachella? They have a big, fun, concert every year. Hologram Tupac! Need I say more?

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