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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

i chose happiness- by Jess

Lately I've been thinking about what I should blog about so hard my brains been hurting. I've gotten lots of requests and people asking me whats going on in my life pre and post National Championships and why I haven't been writing. Truthfully I'm not really sure, I've been trying to just go with the flow and enjoy my blessings.

One of my favorite people (Deborah) had a good idea and for the first time in months I'm excited to write. 

I've always struggled with not letting myself be a negative thinker. I've noticed though when I can find a positive about every situation I'm happier AND more successful in both training and everyday life. I wanted to invite ya'll into my life the last few months to see how I've been working on finding the positives even when they're hard to see so that you can too!

I moved to Denver for this amazing job at @backcountrycrossfit coaching Olympic lifting, to be with fellow @barbellsforboobs pro advocates, and my boyfriend @chr1st1anlucero (p.s watch for him in the Crossfit world he's pretty amazing). As most of you know if you follow me on social media or read my blog posts you already know that I'm a family girl. It's hard for me to be away from home and in the past its broken me down and really impacted my life in a negative way. It's been a constant struggle and always seemed like a sacrifice to be away from my mom and family. I used to respond to the homesickness by crying all the time and feeling overwhelming with sadness no matter who or how positive the people were around me. This time here in Denver with some trial and error I've decided to change my thinking of negative into a positive. Instead of missing my home I took my mom's advice and tried to focus on making Colorado my home, and these people my family. I'm changing my perspective to see that God wants me here, whatever the reason. I chose to be happy and sometimes happiness means to let go and accept the NOW.

I found out I sprained my MCL and had some fraying in my patella tendon a few months before the US National Championships. As minor as that sounds the pain wasn't. I wasn't able to set up on the bar from the floor at all from the swelling my knee would "catch" and get stuck. When my PT ( @cascadesports1 ) told me I was a mess. Leading up to the injury or minor set back whatever you want to call it I was training the best I had maybe in my entire career. My confidence was high, my strength was up and I was so ready to compete. As you could imagine the first sign of barrier to my previously uphill climb was crippling. Training started to quickly become an avalanche. With lots of help from Christian, my good friend @mikecerbus and Aimee Everett I realized that my reaction to the bad was how old Jess would respond. They helped me remember that God has a plan. Everyone says that, "God has a plan" i didn't get it fully until after nationals was over. During nationals I had a lot of help to just not let the weights break me. "I'm tougher than this" was my mantra. I came home with a Bronze medal, a pretty low performance for my original goals and a bad attitude. The saying "God has a plan" came back into my head and everything clicked. If by going to nationals and not hitting near my Personal Record lifts, if by getting third instead of first or second was his plan it was for a reason. Maybe I could reach more, and do more good for others by getting third over first. Maybe God didn't think I was ready and needed to use this experience to make me a better lifter or person. Who knows but I can accept that it happened for a reason even if I don't know what the reason is yet. It's not the end of the world and at the end of the day i got to do what i love, support the sponsors I love, stand in front of the fans I love and do my best. SO, in conclusion I chose happiness over "what could have been". 
Nationals is over my knee still isn't 100% but I'm still training hard with a new plan, new goal and new outlook. I'm excited for what's to come Gold, Silver, Bronze or 02380385202384082034 place- I'm ready and grateful to compete in a sport I love, surrounded by people I love, and helping people everyday in the gym reaching their fitness and just plain every day life goals. I chose happiness and you should too :) 

Going into the next few months of training i'm going to be channeling my inner Ronda Rousey getting as mentally tough, physically healthy, strong and unstoppable as possible. I'm going to open the forum to all of you amazing people reading and following our blog to ask questions you want me to answer! The questions can be anything you want to know from what my training looks like on a daily basis, diet, competitions, coaching, or even why Chick fil A is so dang good. Every week I'll answer a new question and post the answer to #prettystrongblog so send you questions to my facebook message box or my email. I'm excited for all you pretty strong followers to be empowered to chose happiness with me! 

Jessica Marie Salvaggio 


1 comment:

sherry wolanske said...

Love it, Jess! I can't wait to see what you are capable of accomplishing!

(i'm glad you are here in Colorado)