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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ice cream, a movie and other things people want me to talk about

I got bored tonight and have extra time This is what you guys wanted me to blog about:

Kristen wants me to talk about ice Cream: Well, I had a local flavor recently called Mardi Gras or something. I normally hate vanilla flavored anything (it's boring) but, for a vanilla based ice cream it's delicious. It's flavor is based on King Cake which people down here eat. Which is not cake and has a baby on/in it. Another thing about ice cream: I wish Spumoni came in a pint sized container

Blake wants me to talk about tacos: Blake once had a dream about eating tacos with me. I thought he lived near my friend, Rachel so I was going to invite him to hang out and eat tacos. You know, make his dreams come true. lol Turns out though, he lives in another state. Sorry, buddy. All around where I live, breakfast tacos seem to be popular. I haven't tried them but, the two tacos I have had whilst here are surprisingly, not very delicious.

Goodrum woud like to know about a movie of my choice: A couple of nights ago, I wanted a movied called, "Boy" on Netflix. It was based in the 1980's in New Zealand about a boy whose mom died when he was younger and whose dad comes back into town after being in jail. He wants to get to know his father better. It's funny, innocent, and sad all at the same time. Great film.

My friend Mike asked, "Besides water, in what other liquids do you regularly swim?" I usually swim in a pool of my own sweat. 

Brad inquired about my a.) pre-workout ritual b.) what I think about before a lift c.) what I'm working on currently d.)and my thoughts on Texas. 
A.) Before my workout begins, I make sure that I'm rested. Usually, this means I have either completed a decent night's sleep or have taken a nap. I eat something because I hate being hungry during practice and I want to make sure to have energy. I ride my bike for a few minutes to get my body moving and my heart pumping a little bit. I stretch, and do a little mobility work then start my lifting drills. 
B.) Before a lift, I try to visualize what my coach has me working on. I try to see myself doing it perfectly. I try to think about 1-2 things I'm supposed to focus on. I try to keep these thoughts consistent lift to lift. C.) In training, I'm working on some conditioning and getting back into the swing of training. My new training regiment is difficult because I have the added element of employment. I am also working on flexibility and balance during my lifts. D.) Texas is an awesome place. I love the little town I live in. My coach and teammates are cool. At least in my area, the Mexican food, surprisingly, does not seem to be that great. People from Texas seem to be very proud to be from Texas. I also love that I have one friend here. Well, my teammates are also my friends. My friend Rachel is my best friend and she lives a few hours away. I have hopes to see her once a month. Financially, that won't probably be possible but, a girl can dream.  



Anonymous said...

Texas King Cake sounds frightening. :-)

Kris said...

love this!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

I'm a little late, but I'd love to see a sample weeks workout that your doing now!

And what gym do you train out of now, and out of all the ones to choose in the entire nation why that one?

Aimee said...

I have really enjoyed having you at the garage! You bring energy and of course some amazing lifting. I hope you stick around for a while :-)