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Monday, February 24, 2014

Poor Athlete Recipe: Campfire "Apple Cobbler"

So earlier this month when Chrysler was giving me Sochi-Problems, I had to camp out because I had no place to stay where I was. Just because you're on the go does not mean you cannot eat well. You have to be creative and well-prepared and you're good to go.

During my camping trip, I built my fire and got to work!

Dinner: Kickin' Chicken with onions and zucchini
In an aluminum foil packet I added my desired amount of coarsely sliced yellow onion, 1 sliced zucchini, 1 lbs of chicken tenderloins, some butter, and Weber's kickin' chicken seasoning. I put this on the metal grill above the fire and cooked for a good 30+ minutes flipping it a couple of times. I mostly just followed my heart to know when it was done. While that was cooking, I prepped for my "apple cobbler."

Dessert: Campfire "Apple Cobbler"
Make another aluminum foil packet. Add slices of two apples. On top of the apples add one packet of "Bear Naked" brand "Morning Power Packs, Fruit and Nut." Drizzle honey on top, and follow with butter. To cook this, I added it after I started cooking the chicken and took it out a little while after the chicken. It's already ready to eat, I just wanted the butter to melt and the apples to get soft. I did not put this on the grill. Instead, I cooked this on the ground next to the wood that had turned into white-hot coals. I turned it once, flipped it over, and turned it again, all before taking it out.


Baked peaches:

Per the request of my hammer teammate, I am posting the recipe for my baked peaches. These are super easy to make and really cheap
-Halve and remove the pit.
-In a separate bowl make a paste of softened butter, cinnamon, and granola. It should almost be at a consistency where you can roll it into a ball but, not quite
-Add a heaping spoonful into the hole where the pit was
-Bake at 350 until butter is melted all over the place and the peach is soft the way you like it.
-Enjoy with Vanilla ice cream. This is the only time, next to bananas foster, that vanilla ice cream is an acceptable flavor of icecream

Kielbasa, sweet potato, and onions

In a frying pan heat up some olive oil. Add a whole sliced sweet potato and fry until about halfway done. Add 1 small sliced yellow onion and cook until potatoes are done and the onions get past the sweating stage but before the caramelized part. Add sliced kielbasa sausage and keep cooking 'til sausage is hot. This makes about two servings.

Onion $.50
Kielbasa $2.97
Sweet Potato $.75
Total: $4.22 or $2.11/meal


Laura Louden said...

I'm going to try the baked peaches! Sounds so good.

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