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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Be Kind

I recently read a negative comment about myself. There have definitely been more good reviews than bad about myself, which I am thankful for. I would like to use this comment as a reminder to say kind things to or be kind to others. When I hear someone say something negative about someone else, I usually say, "I wonder what mean things people are saying about you, right now?" I am guilty of this as well. Sometimes when I am mad, sad, or jealous, I can say things I wish I could take back.

Here's the comment I read:

"Sarah Robles may be able to liftover 500 pounds, but she is neither attractive, nor feminine, or soft or sensual. It's a shame to look like this, for a woman. Where is her unique, gorgeous femninity? Why do we want to be men? :(" 

I cannot come up with a hilarious quip or be featured in a news story like other people to defend themselves. It's strange to say that I am not personally offended by this comment. I do, however, feel that this possibly insults two important people to me. God and my parents. To say something negative about another person insults those that created them. I know I was created with love and for a purpose. To try and negate their "craftsmanship" and "love" is what bothers me.

I do not care to be a model or seen as a sex symbol. In fact, I am glad I am not. What my body and career have done is something positive to help others. If people just liked or noticed me for what my body looks like, they would speak about that. My talents, abilities, and personality have helped cause a stir for positive body image, educate others about sport, and generally serves to make others happy. Those are the things that need to be talked about.

In regards to my "femininity," "sensuality," or "attractiveness," I only want to be that to two people: myself and my future spouse.

I will not ever apologize for the way I look and I never expect anyone else to do the same. If I go somewhere sweaty or dirty from training, so what? If I have acne or small boobs, or big feet, or calloused hands, or smeared makeup, or messy hair, etc. That's no one's business but my own. What matters? What matters is that I did my best for the day and made someone else feel better about themselves.

I encourage us all to be good examples to others, share a smile, give a compliment, help someone, be someone's friend and generally do the right thing.




Carla Best said...

Way to go!!!! Well written!

Mel said...

Agreed; you handled that with grace!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

1I'm amazed at how well you handled that. Most people would have taken the gloves off and gotten dirty. You showed mercy and grace. You showed that you are as amazing on the inside as you are on the outside. Your an inspiration. Thank you.

Bea said...

what you've accomplished is amazing and we praise you for that! Why on earth should women aspire to be "feminine"? When people say negative comments about other, I just realize how unhappy they are how they judge themselves.

Anonymous said...

Apologize for how you look? Are you kidding? You look AMAZING! You're an awesome athlete with an awesome physique and "unconventional" BEAUTY. It's truly a shame that madison avenue dictates tastes and morals to the masses and sour the public on everything they don't command and control in attempts to take all the profit. The people that buy into their crap don't have an opinion worth noting. The person you quoted is a bonafide idiot, bless her heart (being kind there as suggested).