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Saturday, April 27, 2013

learning overload

I'm helping out at my coach Greg Everett and old coach Daniel Camargo's seminar here at Catalyst Athletics this weekend. 22 lifters from all over the country are here with all different backgrounds to learn about Olympic-style Weightlifting. I've seen all different body types of lifters, talent and all kinds of bad habits to fix. Every coach helping (all 7) have different que's or sayings they use to teach the same things. Example: FINISH! FULL EXTENTION! OPEN HIPS! Not one is better than the other it works for some and confuses others. It's all preference.

One thing i've noticed at this seminar with the lifters is something that i catch myself doing a lot: OVERTHINKING. All these people have the amazing opportunity to learn from two of the best coaches in the country (plus all of the awesome helpers) and they want to absorb every word that comes out of our mouths. They want to be able to do exactly what we say and fix everything all at once. What i suggest is remembering this is a lot of informantion to learn in one weekend. It's a lot to try to apply. You're body is not some sort of Apple genius. Take your time. Focus on one or two que's at a time. "chest up, back flat, move hips and bar at the same time, keep bar close, active pull into hips, full extension of hips, push with legs, shrug, high pull, pull under hard, move feet, squat, stand up is just playing too freaking much.

When you can focus your energy on doing just a few que's at a time make sure you're consistent. DO NOT under any circomstance change the que at any point in my workout. If on 35kg warm-up set you said: "i have boogers i better be quick under the bar so noone sees" you better say that on 40/45/50 etc...

like I said earlier I do that same thing i have like 19 things i say to myself before i lift and usually it results in a miss. If i just concentrate on one thing at a time or maybe two... actually three's ok i guess...than I can actually make my body do what i want instead of have a seizure snatch.

Log what you learn. If you're training and something just clicks log it. If you're at a seminar with the famous Greg Everett and fabulous Danny Camargo log what they say for review. If you come in for a one on one with me.. log what we work on. Log what people say, Log what you think, Log your freaking faces off.

thats all folks.

fearlessly, J

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