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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Monday, April 15, 2013


i couldnt do what i do without my new family and teammates especially the team Catalyst ladies. i think they deserve everything they dream for and more. they amaze me every day in the gym.. and even sometimes out of the gym. how giving, caring and selfless each one of them can be...

starting with Audra:

girllllll you are one tough cookie. i wish i could be as brave as you and daring. i watch you in the gym everyday fighting for everything you do pushing yourself more than the day before and supporting everyone else in the gym as you go. i cant even count how many times i've cried and you're the one who comes over to check on me even when you're in the middle of a freaking hard edge of death greg workout.

Jolie and Kara:

your focus amazes me. with your kiddo's in the gym the fact that you can be all gooey one second taking care of the business tough stuff the next is truely inspiring. mothers in my opinion make some of the best lifters. yall got your priorities IN FREAKING LINE. i'm pretty jealous. anytime i'm struggling in the gym distracted or tired i think of both of you. leaving all the outside stuff outside and coming in and doing the work, every set without failure shows me it's possible and that i'm a big wimpy diaper baby and kayla and luna are tougher than me ;)


you're crazy. do an excersize coach, do another, coach, stay late and finish your abs after you've been at work alllllll day and you dont even rush out. it astounds me. when i'm training with you when i see you make a weight you werent sure about you always are ready for more. you have no fear no hesitation you want it and you want it bad. you remind me of me before i realized weights are heavy and scary and that stupid pressure thing. none of that ever gets to you. i hope some of that can rub off on me one day.


you know what you want. you come in you get it done you dont waste time talking, you dont worry about what anyone else is doing. if someone walks in front of you i'm all mad at them and you dont even realize that it even happened in the first place! i'm a diva sometimes and you remind me to chill out. i wish i could be more like you.


your confidence is unbelievable. your attitude when you approach weights is exactly what i need. your technique is consistent. you never think about the number all you do is go up to the bar and do your thing and everytime you show me up even if you don't train for weeks. it reminds me how much work i have to do before i can be a legand like you.

last but most definitly not least,


i'm pretty sure by the post the other day it's clear i envy you. you're strong, you're beautiful, you're humble and you're so incredibly talented as an athlete (in any sport). you push me every day i'm so lucky i have you as a training partner. you give me faith, you give me motivation, and you give me strength. when you make lifts they look so easy and solid. when i make the same weights or less weight than what you just did it looks like an animal that got hit by a bus (bus being the bar). you're always suprised you make HUGE lifts even though you work harder than anyone i know. you really are amazing. one day i hope to be as perfect as you.. but i doubt i'll get very close.

i have no idea where i'd be without all of you pushing me day to day. hopefully together we can all encourage eachother right to the finish line. all the way till our dreams all come true. to the crossfit games podium, to the national weightlifting championships podium and hopefully to the Olympics.

each of you make me better, i love you all.

fearlessly, J

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