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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some things... #1

So, I spend a bit of time on the internet researching, homeworking, reading, learning, and entertaining myself. Here are some interesting reads y'all may appreciate. Followed by a couple of stories about how horrible my memory is. Enjoy!

Having a boyfriend with a disability Open your minds

Family Does Snap Food Challenge Interesting food stamp a family took.

Supreme Court Justice can do push ups! It's never too late to get in shape!

Ok so here are a couple of stories about my terrible memory. Everyone can enjoy a good laugh at my "D'oh!" situations. I meet a lot of new and interesting people all the time with my job and it's hard to remember everyone but, these two people I probably should have remembered...


     When I was living in Colorado, I was on an activities committee for my church. Halloween was around the corner so we had to plan the Halloween dance. I went over to a girl's house where we planned the whole event and then we all went out to dinner afterwards. The dance turned out pretty alright.
     A few months later, I was eating sushi with my teammates and the girl I helped plan the dance with came up to our table. "Hi Sarah! How are you?" I had no idea who she was. "Hey...there." She asked, "Do you remember me?" I had not so I said, "Um no. But, High Five!" idiot! Haha! Probably not the best way to handle that situation. Mind you that this entire conversation happened in front of my team. "Well, you went out to dinner with us and you helped plan the Halloween dance at my house." I remembered the whole day except her. Oops.


     I was volunteer coaching at Northern Michigan, I was coaching the men's throwing club team on my own and assisting my coach for the women. Early on in the season, Renee asked me, "You don't remember me do you?" "No. I don't think we've met." Here I was, unknowingly coaching a girl I used to compete against in high school! "We used to compete against each other in high school. I have a picture from Master's of you and your family hanging out with me and my family in our tent." I used to know this girl well enough from meets to share a tent with her and have pictures and totally forgot about her only to coach her like four years later....weird.

My memory is terrible. It's so bad that it makes for hilarious stories. If I ever meet you and forget you, I'm sorry. Don't be offended; I forget everyone equally. I'm just one of those gals that needs constant reminders. Patterns are good for me. If I met you once, you're probably out of my mind...or lost somewhere within. If I see you on a regular basis, we're good to go.

Anyone else want so share a similar story?


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Barbara said...

I would share a story except I forget those, too.