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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rogue mode by jess

Do relationships effect training? Absolutely 100% pee on a stick your pregnant,yes. 

Relationships can be stressful. They can tear out every ounce of energy from your soul and spit on you while you're lying breathless in the mud. And they  can mess up your make up. But you need that energy and make up for training. You need to feel fierce and confident or your lifts and your strength suffers. Think about the most emotional day you've ever had.. Up all night fighting with a boy or girl whatever way your tide rolls or even with a parent or dog. You cry and yell and cry and drink and cry and eat and yell and cry again. Finally its 4 am and your dog gave in and you compromised on sharing the bed but you have to be up for work in two hours. No nap then trained but thought about how evil your dog is between each set. You lifted like the mud on the ground next to you didn't you?!

Relationships can also be amaze  balls. They can lift you up make you feel loved, supported and safe. You sleep like an infant without a care In the world till you have to poop in the middle of the night. Your training is great because you know someone has your back, you slept well and you know your man or woman or whatever is an excellent Chef and lets face It food is where the heart is. Jk but not really. 

Relationships can also be distracting. Like in between sets your all like Maybe I'll have six babies, whoa ain't nobody wants that many doctors visits maybe I'll have 5 1/2. Or you're all like Jessica and buster sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g.. Or your just like "bro this dude didn't even cheer for me on that set. "Which ever way you look at it you're not thinking "hey that was an easy snatch this next one is gonna be even better cuz I am a champion"

So basically chose your paths carefully. There is a fine line between helpful, healthy relationships and distracting, obsessive or borderline emotionally abusive. Like seriously get a new dog. 

You have to make the decision what's most important in your life. Do You want to be Training well, being happy/healthy and maybe in love or all at the same time. Or do you want to not be able to finish workouts cuz your so damn stressed sad and tired that you can't even think of how to spell the work jerk let alone make one. 

So is it time to go Rogue mode?

Fearlessly, j 


dottiemarie said...

For some, working out is a release, it's healing. There's something soothing about running yourself through a vicious workout fueled by pain or anger. Some of my best workouts came because I was pissed about something or my heart was broken. Some of us use the gym as a tool to help work through and "work out" issues. We use the gym to teach us about ourselves. The downfall is that eventually you get to a place where you are happy and surrounded by healthy relationships, and have to find something else to drive you. Everything changes.

Anonymous said...

What you need Jessica is a man who understands you and support you and knows how important training and recuperation is for you. Being with an elite athlete is demanding, and demands a lot of patience from the other person. If the other person is not as active, at least he should accept your lifestyle, or else it will be very difficult.

Love from Norway!