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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Some daily thoughts

Here are some thoughts that come into my mind throughout the day

6 am- Snooze
6:10 am- Just one more snooze
6:20 am- Oh gosh! It's 6:20.
6:40- It's cold :(
7:00- Yay stationary bike...NOT
7:30- Yay actually lifting weights. Oh wait, it's just squats
8:00- Oh my gosh. PR triples! Ok squats not so bad.
8:10- The worst part about weightlifting has got to be putting the weights away right?
8:20- I feel like the bottom of my food pyramid is supplements. Oo these bcaas taste good

9:40- Ew my knee sleeves aren't dry yet. They won't feel so bad when the new sweat gets on them.
10:00- What is this? My first time snatching? Oh wait I remember how to do this.
10:30- I hate snatch grip push presses
11:00- Wow. My back IS stronger. Guess presses and rows aren't so bad.
12:00- How come I fart every time I do this ab exercise?
12:30- More supplements :/

12:45- Lunch Time! Ugh! I have to eat so much protein. Will I ever get to eat what I actually want? This steak tastes good.
2:00- All this being awake is making me tired. Nap time!

3:55- Yeah, my butt looks good in these tights. Freeze frame high five!
4:00- I love clean and jerks
4:05- Surprise! I have doubles. Love clean and jerks. HATE doubles.
4:10- Doubles make me tired. Maybe if I sit still enough, my coach won't see me. Worked in Jurassic park, right?
4:11- Dang he saw me. 
4:20- I have to pee. I can hold it.
4:30- No, I can't. Dang. But, I really don't want to have to rechalk my hands.
6:00- If I were rich, I'd pay someone to put my weights away.
6:15- Feeling pretty good about all the work I did today,
6:20- I need ice so bad. Thank goodness we have a t.v. in the therapy room. Now I can watch the next part of Back to the Future!

7:00- Yay. More steak...
7:30- Too tired to take a shower. Too big to take a bath. Shower it is.
8:00- This part of 1984 is boring. I don't want to read this anymore.
8:05- Ok I'll keep reading
9:00- Man, Jessica is beating me in blogging. I better write something.
10:00- So tired. Better not forget to say my prayers.

Next Day:
6:00 am- I wish I dried my hair before I went to sleep.


Bunny said...

I love this! LOL! Thank you for sharing!

Anthony said...

Very amusing and insightful post. Good to know its hard work for everyone - not just us newbies and amateurs.

Deborah Harrison said...

Thanks for sharing the "Thoughts of Sarah"! I loved it! Now you have made us want more!

Anonymous said...

Your 12:00 so came to mind today!