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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No Dessert Challenge- Day 21

Ok so I started my "No Desserts Challenge" on the Wednesday before February started so I'm technically at 21 days here (saving I did my math correctly. :) ) Got a head start, sucka fishes!

No soda was pretty easy for me. I knew desserts would be hard, which is mostly why I need this challenge.  I need to learn better eating habits and self discipline which are skills that will transfer over into weightlifting.

I went to my friend's house that first Saturday on "Cold Stone" night. They were looking forward to it all day and got the kids all excited about it. I felt "rude" not to have dessert... not a good way to start.

I have also had two chocolate cookies and a package of mini bundt cakes. With the bundt cakes, I had two of them and put the rest in the freezer so I wouldn't eat them. "Frozen cake is terrible. No one eats frozen cake" I thought to myself. Then, I eventually tried another one. I thought, "Um. I was wrong. I think frozen cake might be even better!" Then I eventually finished off the mini cakes. All gone.

My name is Sarah and I'm a dessert addict.

I can't be too upset with myself only because...usually in 22 days, I would have probably consumed 22 desserts. Instead, I have had about a handful. So, it has been really moderated.

Still, all the time, I want dessert. I am trying to give myself better alternatives. Using fruit as my main source of "sugar" when I want a sweet snack. I looked at a cupcake cookbook tonight and everything looked so good. Even the caramel ones... and I hate caramel (stupid caramel jerks.)

So I'm thinking I will give myself an additional two days at the end of my sentence to help make up for my eating of desserts.

This is what I feel like without eating desserts.

Although I am not dieting, Ms. Jenna Marbles here explains what we go through when "dieting."
There are cuss words, be forewarned.


Ok. Just thought I'd share how much I'm struggling.

Good night!

1 comment:

Paige said...

I'm not a doctor, or any other kind of trained professional. In fact I'm just a failed dieter.

That said, when I went on a low-carb diet, after about 6 weeks I FINALLY stopped craving sweets like I had previously. So it might be worth cutting out as much sweet stuff as you can for a few weeks to 'reset' your tastebuds a little. Once you break the cravings it's a lot easier, and 3 weeks may not be long enough to do that. I'm not advocating a low-carb diet for you since I think with your training regimen that would be silly. But stick with the no desserts for a bit longer and see if those cravings fade.

Either way, you're obviously doing very well! If 'cheat days' keep you going, then that's what works for you. A cookie here and there won't kill you, and when you know you have disordered eating I think it's important to not just turn this into a NEW bad habit with it's own problems.

Stay positive!