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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sarah's Experience at the 2012 AO

Thursday: Drove in with teammate Stefanie. Passed a restaurant called, "Steaks and Cakes." Stef was cutting. We were sad not to eat there. Did a little shake loose work out, a little sauna-ing, ate dinner and went to bed.

Friday, friday, friday: Little heavier workout. Worked up to 90 and 110. Lack of equipment. Trained on men's bar. Squatted with Shane Maer.  Stefanie competed that night. She had a hard cut and the scale situation was kind of crazy. It was pretty inaccurate and there was no sauna. She could have done a little better with better circumstances but she still lifted the best she could and got a good learning experience out of it. Other teammate Missy  came in that night.

Saturday: Light training session for me and Missy. This time we had a women's bar. None of us competed that night. I wanted to go to Candy Cane Lane and look at Christmas lights. Stefanie wouldn't go with me unless I danced Gagnam Style in the lobby. I did... video is on my Facebook fan page. Looked at Christmas lights. Friend brought  me a huge piece of chocolate cake. Teammates and I had cake party. Bed Time.

Sunday: Competition Day. Ate breakfast. Ate second breakfast. Missed all of Jessica's Snatches. Watched her clean and jerks. Got excited at her being awesome. Ran in back to hug and kiss her on the cheek. Packed my bags. Ate lunch. Friends and family came in. Made sure everyone was comfortable and happy. Kissed hands and shook babies. Warmed up. Made all three snatches. Warmed up for clean and jerks. Made all three of those too. Went 6 for 6. Won the competition. On the podium we all danced Gagnam Style just to be funny. Successful. Went to dinner afterwards to celebrate my mom's birthday. Gave her my medal. Hung out with my long lost friend after that, drove home to Az. Got in at 3 am. Super tired. Slept all day.

Pretty Strong Reunited
Marissa on the right broke Schoolage National Records

Shelbie wanted us to dance Gagnam Style. EPIC

Overall impressions:

Bad- Test Scale was grossly inaccurate. No Sauna. Two platforms going on at the same time was slightly confusing especially when the announcers were announcing over each other. Athlete of the year and other such awards were not awarded. There was a lack of equipment for all of the athletes warming up and the athletes that needed to train.

Good-  Fun location. Great Weather. Watched some great lifting. Had fun with my family and friends. Got some nice Proactive stuff. Heard there was prize money? Looking forward to that if it's true.

Training before hand:

I took 6 weeks off after the Olympics. Then trained 3 weeks leading up to the Russian President's Cup and then had just trained since that competition. The most I had done in training was a 235 total. I am pretty satisfied with the competition. I signed up for the meet at decided about 1 week out if I was competing. I wanted to be with my friends and family, support my team and see what I could do in a competition setting considering I was not training at all for this meet. I snatched from the floor for the first time in like a month the Wednesday before I left. To be able to to 10 kgs under my best, showed me that when it really counts and I'm feeling confident, I can do some pretty great things. I really enjoyed the experience and can't wait to defend this total next year in Dallas, Tx.

P.S. I liked Samantha Zimmerman's singlet


Razor De Rockefeller said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome time! Great pics! Congrats to everyone, you guys are always an inspiration <3

Deborah Harrison said...

Love this blog! You ladies are awesome!