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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post Olympics Update

I spent roughly a month of my life at the Olympic Games and pondered long and hard what I wanted to do afterward.

I took a month off so I could do whatever I wanted, have fun and see my friends and family as I dictate, not as weightlifting dictates. It was wonderful.

I contemplated going back to school, going back to track, moving back to California, keep lifting, not going to school, and a lot of financial planning.

After all of my pondering, I had/have one goal in mind: "Become as independent as possible."
Thanks to all of the donations and help I have gotten along the way, it looks like my feet are back on the ground and I can tackle at least the next year of my life.

My goals for becoming independent are:
Be on my own cell phone plan-check!
Become an "official" AZ resident
Pay off my car- (pending but...)-check!
Pay off all of my back Taxes (pending but...) -check!
Be current on taxes- check!
Get my own apartment. (sign lease tomorrow) -check! 
Get a credit card to establish good credit.
Work with an agent
Go on a date or two

I am very excited that I decided to stick with weightlifting and stay here in Arizona. I love my team, coach, and the state so much.
I am looking forward to having a place I can call my own for a year. Having a consistent living environment is going to make a huge difference in my ability to train well. I will be comfortable, close to the gym, and can learn life skills I have not been taught yet. I have been out of the house since I was 17 but, never got a credit card, learned how to write a check, or pay bills. That kind of stuff.
I am excited to free myself from USAW. I want to get endorsements, work, and budget well enough that regardless if I get more, less, or no funding from them, I am OK and can focus solely on me and my training.

What else have I been doing?
Well, when I first got back, I slept in. A lot. Most of my days were sleeping. I ate whatever I wanted (not such a good idea)
I didn't touch a bar for a whole month (glorious)
I house sat for my coach and played with his dog.
I did exercise for fun. (that's a first)
I was really bored from having so much extra time during my day.
I went to my friends reception.
I went on a week long road trip to Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and came back to AZ.
Visited friends and family, went to childhood favorite places, put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and got my coach a pie.
I got invited to lift in a grand prix in Russia so I started training sooner than anticipated
I went to the White House to meet the President with other members of Team USA and my coach

Lessons I have learned along the way:
Ask for help when you need it. If you don't get it, figure it out on your own
Going places by only using a map is way more fun than GPS
When an amazing opportunity presents itself, take it. It may not come by again
Making a fire is hard work. I commend our ancient ancestors for it's discovery.
God has created a wonderful place for us to live, work, and play in. Go explore it!
There are more people out there that love you than you ever thought possible.
When I decide to retire, I better make dang sure I am ready to do so. (getting back in shape sucks)
Being financially stable or at least making the effort to do so, will help your confidence
Standing up for what you think is right is difficult. Mostly because it always seems to be inconvenient and appears to not actually do anything at the time. Almost every time I do so now, it seems as if it falls on def ears. I've learned to be OK with that though. I know what I did was right and I have have a clear conscience. I spoke my mind. If others do not make the right decisions, they will answer for it some time later in life, just as we all do.

Pictures are up on facebook. Go check them out if you want.

Ok bye!



irishfiregirrl said...

How positive, you go girrl! Remind me what year you graduated at San Jacinto High School, CA. Several teachers I know are interested in keeping up w/you.
AND you were a highlight of Olympics for me (as free interval weight lifter & former gymnast/track).

Debbie Millet Carroll said...

What a pretty and strong person!