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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quest for fashion

My quest to become a Diva Fashionista has been interesting. I've been having a blast, though!

I had an article written about me in Time Magazine and I received a lot of positive feed back.  Three people reached out to me wanting to help me with clothes.

One woman generously donated gift cards for Nordstrom's and had me work with a "personal stylist." That was really cool. My goal was to get some casual wear that I could wear in London and fit in with all the cool kids on the team. I was worried from what I saw at the Ralph and Nike booth, that there would be few, if any, clothes that would fit that were provided to me for the Games.

She then referred me to a plus size clothing designer, Jill Alexander. We got a hold of each other and discussed fashion plans!

Before Jill came, I had a woman email me from Texas. Jenny Davis! She is a stylist from Texas. She was definitely welcomed in my house! We had several laughs and expressed our honest opinions about my fashion. We went through my closet and definitely got rid of stuff. I had clothes from high school in there. She also had some clothes and jewelry for me to have and borrow for London.

Jill came a week or two later. She brought a hair/make up girl named Tiffany and a photographer named Michelle. We tried on dresses that I got to keep, wear false eye lashes and have a photo shoot! It was a ton of fun.

Needless to say, I got some new clothes that match the point I am in life, are for my age, and fit well. As any larger woman knows, finding clothes is difficult. So it was nice to get a head start and to learn new things.

I am hoping my quest for fashion leads to future opportunities. I tried to get in with Under Armour to make a difference. I knew none of the gear would fit if I won so I was hoping that would be a way I could have them listen to me. Well, there wasn't anything I could do but, at least I tried.

I am hoping with having better fashion, learning how to properly apply make up, and having photo shoots will help get me out there for future clothing companies that could be willing to sponsor me.

If there is someone willing to sponsor me, I hope to get my input into the fashion industry and make the clothing world a better place.

Here are some pictures from my questisima!


Jesse Saleh said...

You're legs look sexy in those heels! Glad you got to feel pampered! I've been reading your blog for a while now and loved watching you in London! Much love from Australia!

Robyn said...

You have a smile that just lights up the day. Beautiful pics. The strength in your stance is what I find most attractive!! Keep being you. Much love from Pennsylvania!

Mel said...

Those are some great pictures! I second @Jesse's comment - your legs look amazing!

I find that the wrap-dress style works really well for me, personally - I was glad to see you in some wrap-style dresses. :)

Also: can you get in there and help clothing companies make clothes for women with muscles in their shoulders and upper arms? I am tired of not being able to jam my arms into things and then feeling like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" because I can't get my arms down to my sides! :)

Unknown said...

I spend way too much time looking at clothes online... have you checked out ? They have great stuff. Talbots has an excellent selection of classic stuff in larger sizes... expensive investment pieces but they have deep end-of-season sales.

Donna said...

I 2nd Jesse's comment. Amazing legs, girl! You look so comfortable in your skin too! Regarding UA. You know they do the mens and womens finishers shirts for the Houston Marathon. I was all worried that my 200+ lb body wouldn't fit, because I knew UA stuff ran small. It was much to my surprise that an XXL women shirt was REALLY and XXL. The following year, I figured I'd not be as lucky, but the shirts ran even bigger! I tried to order the same Heatgear shirts, and the ones they sell retail are sized completely differently! So frustrating!

cece said...

Love the blue dress on you! Looks great.

It is very hard to find clothes for a plus sized woman that look great and math our personal style. Lane Bryant might be a sponsor to work with. Wish I had a connection!

RT said...

Just wanted to say I think you are naturally beautiful and very inspiring, no matter what you are wearing!