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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Technique Tuesday

Apparently, this is some new technique used by the Chinese. I have only seen this one person do it. She uses a wide grip which results in the athlete having a higher contact point on the body and to pull the bar higher then switches to a regular grip. Unless you are an experienced weightlifter, don't try this technique. Moving your hands while the bar is in motion can be dangerous.

I have been working lately on having a higher contact point so I can minimize drag and have a faster turnover on the bar.

What do you do to pull the bar higher?


Yanis M said...

It is...I shared this video with my team, and one of the coaches of the national team...see what he thinks about it.

Yanis M said...

It looks dangerous.

Having shoulder tendinitis on my right shoulder. I use a very closed grip, and pull and extend as much as I can before I get under the bar.

The closed grip was recommended by my physiatrist, he said that by using a closed grip I apply less stress on my shoulders, and my right shoulder doesn't become sore anymore. What do you mean by higher "contact point"?

Sarah and Jessica said...

The contact point is where the bar comes into contact with your body. Where you get that last little "bump" to accelerate the bar. With a clean grip, the contact pint is usually anywhere from mid-thigh to just below the pelvis. With a snatch grip the bar's contact point is at the hip. When the athlete has a wider clean grip, the contact point is going to be slightly higher than normal.