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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ranger Boot Camp

My gym, Performance One Advanced Sports Training, has a Ranger Boot Camp every Saturday morning. I watched them train on Saturday, and I have to say, I'm really impressed. My team mate Joe Wheaton is a former Army Ranger and he runs the program. Their butts get kicked. They love it, and come back for more. I heard him say it helps build "Intestinal Fortitude."

It's definitely not a "I look hot in my sports bra on the elliptical/I eat Special K" kind of work out. Which is what I love about it.

This Saturday I saw only one girl participating. I like that she comes out for herself and doesn't let the fact that she's the only girl, get her down. I have been the only girl many a times. I feel like it has made me a better athlete.Ladies, get out of your comfort zones. Try something new. You'll never know if you like or are good at something until you try. You'll never get better hiding from challenges.

You can see video of Emily doing part of the work out at

Miss Emily

Why do you like the Ranger Boot Camp?
I do it for the team building, workout diversity, and to gain overall strength.

What do you like most about the boot camp?
All of it! Pumping up for it, pushing through the workouts, motivating each other, seeing results, eating a lot afterward, and ooo... pulling the sled baby!

What was it like flipping the tire for the first time?
"Flipping my first tire was pretty freaking sweet! Confident strength!

How does it feel to be the only girl participating? 
Like a lone soldier. :) Nah, it's cool. I wish more would come. 

Would you recommend this to other ladies?
Hell yeah!

Sandbag presses

"One size fits all" push ups. Nor "girl push ups" for this girl!

Her first tire flip. (it weighs over 300 lbs)

P.S. she's really flexible

Part of the proceeds of the boot camp go to the Pat Tillman Foundation. If you're in the Phoenix/Mesa area and want more information on the Ranger Boot Camp, visit out website:

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