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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Note for thought: Qualification Standards

What if we changed the qualifying procedures for worlds?

What if we took the number one lifter (from nationals) from each weight class?

If not everyone scores points that is sent to worlds, then why not?

Sarah and I were talking about how this might help our sport grow. Internationally, each weight class is so deep, we hardly ever see the same person twice.

We can only pay for the highest percentages to go so, the others that qualify can pay their own way to Worlds or Pan Ams. This way will motivate athletes to get higher percentages so they may have their trips funded.

There needs to be a more subjective way to decide who lifts for points in conjunction with the objective standards. It should be based on athlete total, lifts made in international competitions (if never been consistent nationally), consistent progress, health, and total in relation to international totals, and potential to score points or medal internationally.

In reality right away we may not be sending our best lifters to be scoring points at the worlds however, I feel like this will open doors making it easier at first to be an Olympic weightlifter. It'll help more athletes get international experience. We'll hopefully be boosting membership, and our weigh classes (hopefully) will eventually get so deep that everyone could be world caliber.

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