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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weightlifting Tips: Taking Care of your hands

Here are some tips to keep you happy, healthy, and on the platform.

Sore hands
During a high volume phase your hands are going to feel raw.
Two things that help my hands feel better:
1.) Use straps
2.) Ice-get an ice pack and hold between your hands for 10-12 minutes

Ice Packs
Frozen peas make great ice packs. They dont stick together so they mold to whatever you put them on and there's no dripping like traditional ice bags. It's cheap, reusable, and eatable!

Ripped Callouses
This is probably the suckiest part of being a weightlifter. It's going to happen even if you take care of your hands and even (most irritatingly) while wearing straps.
While at practice, I tend to fold up a piece of pre-wrap some sort of antibiotic ointment, tape it, and use straps the rest of the workout.
1.) Use cuticle clippers to trim off dead skin so there aren't any dangling pieces
2.) There are these AMAZING band aids used for popped blisters. I apply one to the ripped callous and tape it on anytime I'm not at practice. It dramatically decreases the healing time.
3.) I was told by a former gymnast that when he ripped callouses he put "Preparation H" ointment on it. PH is a vassal constrictor and a pain reliever. I put that with a folded piece of pre-wrap and sports tape or coban (it's an elastic sports tape that sticks only to itself)
4.) Use straps when possible
Within 1 1/2-2 weeks you're ready to lift bare handed again

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