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Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 2014

I need to think of a more creative title than that. Oh well. :/

Anywho... I thought I'd give you guys an update on what's going on this month.

Training:This month brings on a transition with my training. In one of my most recent posts, I talked about wanting to train like I will be competing at the World Championships this year. Plan is still on. We're going to do it at a friend's Crossfit gym and make an exhibition of it. My teammate and I were talking about possibly making a bbq fundraiser out of it for my training. We'll see how that goes. My coach wants me to hit 122 in the snatch and 152 in the clean and jerk. Hopefully, that goes well.

I coached two people in the same session at a local lifting meet and I wasn't a nervous, anxious, monster for the first time. Thumbs up for me.

I am no longer working with OURX management. So, I am now agent-less. I'm on the hunt for a new one. If anyone knows of anyone in the Houston area, or anyone in particular, please give me a heads up.

The head coach of the track program that hired me, resigned. So I am now left wondering what I should do in regards to coaching and making sure I have enough hours of work.

I went on an amazing trip to Martha's Vineyard. Don't worry, I wasn't just there for fun. Well, it was fun but, I had a really great opportunity that I can't explain quite yet. Around the New Year, I'll let you know what's up.

I got hit on at the grocery store yesterday. It wasn't even creepy or weird. Score one for Robles! I think that's pretty much it.


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