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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bored in Willcox

I've been tweeting my misadventures of travelling to get to my new home in Texas. In case you haven't heard, I will quickly get you up to speed.

Last week I got a bunch of stuff fixed on my car. Engine mounts were the biggest issue next to the timing belt breaking. It was fixed and ran smoothly all until last night. I stopped and then made a uturn and all of the sudden it felt like my engine was dragging on the ground. So...I've been here in Willcox, Az trying to get a tow to the next dealership so they can replace the parts and I'm trying to make them cover my room and board for these couple/few days I've been here while no work has gotten done. 

The people here are really nice and are taking care of me but, my goodness, these Chrysler people have got to get their stuff together. Not having a car means I have to take my patamobil everywhere (spanish slang for walking). 

This means I can't get much further than the car shop, McDonald's, and Dollar General. This lack of something to do increases my boredom which had me ask you "What do you want to know about?" 

I will grant your wishes and answer the following questions: 

"What is your working goal and when is next possible meet?"

Currently, my working goal is to work. It looks like I will get my work transfer at Macy's. I will have an interview or something next Tuesday. I am going to try and get done with work by 1 pm so I have time to eat and recover before I have to go into training. My next possible meet will be fall of 2015. I will lift to qualify for the American Open and that's it for the year. I hope to use that as a qualifying meet for the National Championships and Pan Ams of 2016. I am unsure of when the Olympic Trials are yet.

"What your eating, what your lifting, how your feeling."

I just had dinner so I will tell you what I had to you can feel better about yourselves. I had two hot pockets and gatorade. I felt like I didn't have any real nutrition so I had some pureed fruit junk. When you're stuck in a hotel room and you're strapped for cash, options are kind of limited. I haven't lifted for a couple weeks because my car has been broken and I've been traveling and I have a broken care again. Right now, I feel an odd mixture of sad because I miss the family I was living with and my old coach, happy for my future in Texas, scared that I won't be able to accomplish my goals, I'm currently angry that my car is broken and I'm left hanging here, and I feel out of shape. I'm sure there's more that I am feeling but, I'll keep it brief.

Strongfully yours,


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