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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

That football star by Jess

I wanna be that one football guy who runs in a 50 yard touchdown for the win. The one that after he just keeps his head down and hands the ref the ball. He's humble he's gracious and he's my hero.

In my eyes he'll always be the one that the other football stars talk bad about. they'll say they will beat him, that he's a nobody, and he's nothing special. They'll try to bully him and get in his head. They're so desperate for the eyes back on them that they'll say anything to get back the spot light. My hero however will keep his mouth shut and not say a word back. He'll ignore their desperate attempt to get under his skin. He will instead tweet the bible verse of the day that motivated him. He'll post his newest picture on Instagram that reminds him why he pushes himself so hard everyday.
He's the first one in the gym and last to leave.

I want to be my hero. I want to keep my head down. I want people to know me because of what I do not what I say or how I look. I want to strive to always be better, stay positive, faithful and good role model. I want to be able to hear no evil, see no evil and say no evil. I want to keep my head down and keep running.

Fearlessly, j


Anonymous said...

I adore you Jess!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

awesome. Love it!