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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week before the National Championships

I just wanted to let you know what the week before my National Championships is going to look like. Everyone has different rituals, strategies, and methodologies. No one program is the same; nor is there one that works for every athlete. See how Jessica and I compare.

I compete on the 28th, so I will start with what I did today and work my way through to the competition day. Plus, as Jessica mentioned, we will be doing VLOGS taking you to Nationals with us.

Saturday 7/20/13
Band Stretching, foam rolling, bar work, 3 position power snatch and clean and jerks, light muscle snatches, eat, nap, relax with my friend at the movies.

Sunday 7/21/13
Sleep in, stretch, keep eating as close to normal as possible (sometimes I slack with not eating enough on my off days), one hour massage at one, (thank you to the woman who donated a Massage Envy gift-card)

Monday 7/22/13
After having the previous week as a down week, we will be using this week as a regular training week using the competition day as a heavy day. Some people are really peaking for this meet because they are trying to hit prs, make teams, or break records. We are going to defend my title, and use the meet as a stepping stone for the World Championships in October.
This will be a typical training day consisting of me training twice, and will be the lightest of my heavier days of training to shake the weekend out of me.

Tuesday 7/23/13
AM: Therapy, stretch, mobility, and accessory work.
PM: Light training consisting of power snatches+ clean and jerks and presses

Wednesday 7/24/13
Regular twice a day training heavier than tuesday
Ice plunge after the PM session

Thursday 7/25/13
Off day- Travel
Start feeling the butterflies

Friday 7/26/13
AM: Light session to shake out the bugs from the travel
PM: Probably a medium level training day to get the neuromuscular system firing and that I don't forget what weightlifting is

Saturday 7/27/13
AM: Just one session probably fairly light to recover and get ready for competition day. If sports med or massage therapy is at the meet, I will make sure to get some work done. A little tune-up if you will. Eat and rest.

Sunday 7/28/13
Competition Day
I have adopted a twice a day training regimen on competition day. Not a lot of Americans do this from what I have seen. We feel this is good for us because A) It keeps the competition more in line with what you're normally doing in training, and B) Gives the athlete a better way to warm up. It makes warming up and getting ready later on much, much easier. 
AM: Make sure to wake up and have a good breakfast, stretch, very light work out to warm up and to not be so rusty.
PM: Lift my brains out and hopefully come home a 5X National Champion


I lift Saturday July 27th at 3pm as of now. 

Saturday 7/20/13- up to an 80% double in the snatch, then single clean and jerks to 80% then we had a team pool party at the coaches house!

Sunday 7/21/13- sleep in and not do a dang thing

Monday 7/22/13- usually would have two trainings but this week i'm only training once as I taper for the competition. I'll have a fairly full normal day some light snatches, clean and jerks, pulls and back squats. I'll have some rehab work with my chiropractor a light dinner and an early bed time.

Tuesday 7/23/13-my last sport psychologist appointment before the competition! I'll take a nap then train power snatch/power c+j

Wednesday 7/24/13- the day before my travel day!! i'll most likely feel pretty shaky nervous and probably a little irritable from the stress. I like to wait till the day before I leave to pack so that every night i'm not staring at my bag all... oh em gee I leave soon. i'll go in the gym in the evening and move around a little do some light snatch, pulls and front squats. lots of rolling out and stretching.

Thursday 7/25/13- travel day! i'll stretch as much as I can throughout the day. when I arrive i'll change quick and run to check weight and see the meet site and train in the warm-up area/training hall. ill mostly do light snatch and clean and jerks to move the bar around and get my nerves and travel stiffness out

Friday 7/26/13- the day before I compete i'll decide when I wake up how I feel. i'll check in to the competition and get my credentials. i'll eat check weight, watch some lifting (mostly cheer teammates) and maybe mess around with the weightlifting bar in the back warmup area and socialize with other lifting friends I haven't seen since American open :) Usually by today my nerves will be down i'll be pretty calm just a little anxious. when I go to bed i'll be pretty quiet and to myself. My family that watches get pretty upset the day (actually the whole week) before the competition because i'm a little stand off ish. Lastly, a light dinner, and a VERY early bed time.

Saturday: MEET DAY- since I don't compete or weigh in until 1pm i'll let myself sleep in as late as I can. first thing when I wake up i'll check my body weight to see if and what I can eat for breakfast. i'll go down to the meet site ONLY to check in with my coaches. I try not to watch much lifting before I compete unless its teammates because the adrenaline can come too early... also it makes me more nervous than I am. Everywhere I go i'll have headphones in so no one talks to me. The only human contact I allow myself is my coach, maybe my roommates and the occasionally funny tweet otherwise its just me, my Rihanna and my weightlifting bag.

when time comes for weigh ins i'm very consistent. I lay out my lifting clothes in my hotel room and pack them in with my shoes, belt, wrist wraps and knee sleeves..etc. I don't like to shower until after weigh in where I shave my legs dry my hair put on make up (yes, makeup) and make myself as fresh and clean as I can. Then head phones back in head down and i'm ready to rock.


jillconyers said...

This is so cool! A look behind the scenes! I'm new to the Pretty Strong blog and you may have already talked about this but I'm curious about what you eat to sustain your level of training?

I can't even imagine what your lightest of the heavier days are!

Sarah and Jessica said...

Hi!! Thanks for following us! So in weightlifting we are are all in different weight classes and all have different matabolisms! We're just like regular people but you're right most of us need to eat more calories through our the day to have enough energy to get through the work load. .. More protein mostly to help heal our muscles!!