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Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 2013

This is my little June update before I leave for the Pan American Championships on Sunday.

     It's getting so close now that occasionally, when I think about it, I get butterflies. Outside of the American open in 2012, I have had an extremely long lull in competitions since the Olympics. It's almost been a year. Coming from a track and field background, I used to compete quite frequently so, going as long as I have between competitions isn't easy for me. I like having the pressure and the stimulation that competition brings. I get kind of bored without it. I have definitely had some ups and downs with my training but, with all things considered, I am fairly happy with my training and feel that I am as ready as I am going to get. I hope to travel well and smart so I can lift well. I am excited to represent the USA and I hope to come back with a gold medal and a new title..."Strongest Woman in the Western Hemisphere!"

     So, I was insulted earlier this week. I don't feel that it was a direct jab but, it was a good lesson for me. This particular person said, "I try not to judge people on their looks. It says something about me being seen in public with you." Wow. That's probably one of the worst things I have heard about me in a long time. I do believe that being offended is a choice. People can say or do whatever they choose to do toward me but, how I react is my choice. The more I was thinking about it, the worse I was feeling. I think the part that hurt the most was the fact that I allowed this comment to control how I felt about myself. I chose to think only good things about myself and I am also trying to think good things about the other person. I am successful in my career, I help others, I try to improve myself, and I am seeking an education. That is enough for me to be proud to be me. The people I surround myself need to be proud of me too. I recommend to all of you to surround yourself with positive, proud people, who in return, make you feel that way about yourself. If there are weeds in the garden, pluck them out.

     Finally, before I catch the train to sleepy town, I'd like to take the time to thank again my coach, family, friends, and fans who support me financially and morally on my journey to Rio. My support from USAW is very limited and I really need and appreciate any help I can get for the next four years. If there is still interest, you can help by donating to Team Robles on the top right hand side of the blog or you can purchase something off of my Amazon Wish list which can be found here: Rio 2016 Wishlist


1 comment:

xboxgirl said...

After reading this post I was offended for you. Yes, in every situation you choose how you react to people's comments or actions but in the end they too are responsible for what they do or say. This particular person's statement spoke volumes about his or her character. In my humble opinion they do not deserve the honor of your company until they evolve and become less shallow.
Over the course of a year I have found your posts to be positive, uplifting and nothing short of inspiring. I see you as a positive role model and am proud that you represent our country so well. Stay strong and be a force to be reckoned with in Rio!
Wishing you every success,