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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poor Athlete Recipes: Chicken Fried Rice

I would like to start getting back into writing these recipes. As an athlete and a person who has been tight on money for as long as I can remember, I tell you, it's really hard to have a good diet when you don't have money. It's one thing to be well fed, it's another thing to well nourished.

That's what I hope to accomplish with these posts: teach you how to be well fed and well nourished at the same time.

Side story:

During one of my brokest times, my friend told me, dude, you eat like crap. My produce rotted fast, there was a lot of bread, $5 hot n' readies, canned meat and vegetables, frozen chicken quarters, and boxed food. Basically when you're living on $400 a month and your car payment is $250 and your rent is $150 (very generously cheap) there's no money to get decent food. $16 a month in food stamps can get you about 2 weeks worth of food from the food bank. That's if you're an average person. For an athlete, that amount of food, won't last long.

The tables turned at one point when she was out of money and I had some so she asked if I could help her with groceries. She's never one to buy generic foods or be seen in the cheaper stores. I tell her she shops like an "elitist." Anyway taking her to the store was an interesting trip. I got her peanut butter and jelly and a little lunch meat and cheese that would  roughly 7 sandwiches, 1 gallon of whole milk, chicken legs, rice, cereal and bananas. I heard things like "I don't really like milk that much." "Can I get whole grain bread?" "This lunch meat has preservatives." My response wasn't very nice but, very true. "Dude, you're broke. Broke people can't eat the way you do. The main priority is to not feel hungry." I can say with thanks to my parents an the generosity of others, I have never had to go a day without food. I cannot say the same for thousands of people out there and many of my closest friends growing up. One of my friends, who is the oldest of four children said she remembers skipping on meals so her siblings had enough to eat.

Hopefully those reading this blog aren't in that kind of need but, if you're tight on cash, I'm here to help!


Chicken Fried Rice
1 cup of cooked rice
1/2 bag of frozen peas/carrot mix
2 cubed cooked chicken breasts
3 eggs
Coconut Oil
Soy Sauce

I put a handsome-sized glob of coconut oil in the pan and heated it up.
My chicken was already pre grilled so I just cubed the meat. 
I added the vegetables and eggs into the oil and stirred until the eggs were cooked
Add rice and chicken
Stir in soy sauce until the rice is brown
Keep it cookin' for a bit, then you're ready to eat.

I was able to split this up into three meals. 

Shopping Tip:  When buying poultry, or any kind of meat for that matter, buy it with the skin on and the bones in. It will be more laborious but you will save those precious cents.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this! I was a college club sport athlete, now graduated and not currently employed. I've found that being an active person in general, but especially an athlete, means you have different nutritional needs that are hard to meet when you're short on cash. so thanks for sharing recipes! and everything else you guys do.

Jeanette Pearson said...

And once you use the meat, put the bones in a pot with some veggie scraps for soup stock.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing! We eat this or something similar fairly regularly. If you switch up the flavorings (e.g., take out soy sauce, add curry & cayenne) it keeps things interesting. And if you're vegetarian or meat is too expensive that month beans are a great way to keep protein in the dish.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is there a way we can donate or fund-raise in your name? It just seems unfair that a world-renowned olympic athlete has money as a potential stressor.

Sarah and Jessica said...

I have a paypal account linked through this blog. It's on the top right side of the page or donations can be send to my address under the "contact" tab. Those are the best ways to donate. Thank you for the kind thought.