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Friday, April 12, 2013

something about crossfit

(forgive the title im not so creative before my nap.)

Your stupid. No, YOURE stupid....stupid.

Even though we argue with Crossfitters cuz they know everything and so do we. Even though Crossfitters are everywhere like a flee on your dog. They're in the carpet, on your skin, on your your bath tub............they're kinda awesome.

I know they make up weird words like "WOD" and "thruster". I know most of their workouts look like what i imagine someone having a seizure would look like. They freaking love Olympic Weightlifting. We have to forgive them btw for renaming our sport "oly lifting". It's not like they pulled your arm hair out one by one on the playground's like cleaver or something.

Anyway, i got distracted. They love us. They support us. They follow us. Best of all they BELIEVE in us. I used to confuse their enthusiasm with them not understanding the magnitude of how difficult "Oly lifting" actually is. I know they just love it like i love it. They want to be good at it like i want to be a champion, on a wheaties box, in sport illustrated, and eventually make a record with my terrible singing voice followed by an incredibly cheesy movie from a Nicolas sparks book. OH and i also wanna win dancing with the stars (beating Sage *Burgener* Mertz) in the finals.

OK, i'm sorry. I'm trying to tell all you people to support them the way they (in their own way) try to support us. They're pretty amazing athletes working hard that have great attitudes and an unimaginable desire to complete met cons. I mean honestly though can you imagine doing some crazy hard zillion reps of pull up humping dancing, then jumping and more humping and finishing it off with lifting weights that some actual weightlifters can't do? I cant. it's hard enough for me to get out of bed before 9am.

I'm not team Crossfit but i'm not team "dont talk to me if you call it Oly lifting, beez". Keep up your hard work box people. I think you're cool n stuff.

Fearlessly, J

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