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Monday, January 14, 2013

What drives me?

Jolie Gentry. Crossfit Games champion, mom, detective, and olympic lifter.

lets back up a little bit. I'm training for the Arnold Classic. All i've been doing is thinking about the American Open. How i felt, what i did to make successful lifts, what i need to work on, what i wish i could have done differently. I think about my last clean and jerk the most. I think about what was going through my head, how i reacted and how the weight felt.

Before the lift Aimee had whispered in my ear i needed this weight. If i make this i'd get second and i'd help win the point our team needed to win first. I wanted to make her and Greg proud. I wanted to make their dreams happen too, not just mine. I wanted to do everything i could to make this lift give it everything i had. Making it is 'better than revenge'.

I walked up to the bar and gave it everything i had. After i made it the first thing that crossed my mind was Jolie Gentry. How she excepted me into her life when noone asked her or expected her to. How my entire team did and how quickly they became family. How she would cheer for me in the gym and id feed off her strength. "right now" she'd say, "make this right now" i thought about how each and every one of us have each and every one of our backs. So, i looked straight at the section of the crowd i knew my team (Team Catalyst) sat and i blew them all a kiss and i waved. i knew i couldnt be the athlete i am today without each of them.

Even though i realized after though that moment ended up not meaning what i thought it did (we did math wrong it tied me for second not beating the girl for second) it taught me that when it's on the line when it matters most i know that i can make it. it taught me that i can believe in myself as much as Jolie believes in me and as much as my team supports me. If Greg puts it on the bar he knows its something i'm capable of and now i do too.

Now i know i'm ready mentally for anything, anytime. Arnolds, here we come.

Oh, wanna see my clean and jerk at the American open? ::  The lift that changed my life.


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