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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sarah Stories- Collegiate Nationals 2008

My coach and I were just talking about this competition recently and he said, "That was probably one of your more impressive athletic feats." I figured I'd start sharing little stories here and there from my athletic career. "Eets for fun!"

Collegiate Nationals this year were in Reno, Nevada. That year I was still doing track at ASU and my coach had wanted me to participate in the track meets that were in town that weekend. On Friday, there was a meet at Mesa Community College and the other was at ASU.

On Friday while at MCC, I threw in all 3 events. I tied my PR in hammer, threw in Shot and Disc and then managed to twist my ankle in a hammer hole. Keep in mind that this is Az, and it is unbearably hot without clouds, or decent shade structures. It was fun to see some of my old throwing friends and hang out too. I went home after that, ate and got some sleep.

The next day, I had to compete in the competition at ASU and it was mandatory that I stayed until the entire meet was over. I don't even remember why. I threw in all three events and remember having a crummy discus day because the wind was bad. Any who. I was there until about 11 pm. I got home and got to sleep by like 12 or 1 am.
Sunday came and my flight for Reno left at like 8 am. I got there and was exhausted. I just lied down in the back of the competition site and rested my head on my bag until the last possible second. My coach brought me over some food, then before I knew it, it was time to get warmed up. I had competed in a local meet to qualify for Jr. Nationals and then Jr. Nationals. This was the 3rd competition of my weightlifting career. I lifted and took 3rd. It was taking forever to get to the medal ceremony and we all had to leave to catch our flight. I missed the ceremony and never did receive my medal. It's ok though. Somewhere, there's a picture of the athletes on the podium, except me. All raising their hands. It's funnier than I'm describing.

It was a cool experience and a good test of my ability to stay competitive and hungry when in stressful and tiring circumstances. Hopefully, I'll never have three competitions, three days in a row, again. It is a fun memory to look back on though.

If this was somewhat enjoyable to read by you guys, I'll try and post some more.


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