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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Friday, August 10, 2012

My Olympic Experience so far

Well, competition day is over and I've been having fun and thinking about what the future has in store.

I love weightlifting! I love the Olympics!

However it's not easy to just love something sometimes is it?

I felt like we were robbed of how special the Olympics were first when the Olympic Trials came around and it was like we were a second thought. Got past that though. Then we were left in the dark about any of the Olympic procedures. Didn't even get our flight itineraries until the week before. Our singlets were a disaster. When we thought things settled down again and we were here just to enjoy our Olympic Experience, we were met with complete chaos with our coaching and staff situation. There was lack of communication, organization and our team was separated most of the time. It didn't make out for a good atmosphere.

Good stuff happened too though all during the months after trials. I went to a training camp at the OTC. I got to celebrate 4th of July in Washington for the Capitol 4th Celebration. I got to go to New York for Mother's Day with my mom for the Thank You mom campaign, media summit in Texas, and  I spoke at a high school graduation.

Despite all the madness that is USAW, we all faired as well as we could have at the Olympic Games.

I went a couple days early to watch Kendrick lift and get a feel for the atmosphere I was going to be thrusted into on Sunday. I didn't want any surprises. I watched Kendrick and cheered my face off. He was fun to watch and I'm glad he put his hands on that 208 clean and jerk.

I spent the majority of my time here eating, resting, training, and getting therapy done.

I made lots of friends in the training room and enjoyed watching people train and compete.

Over a week before I competed, Joe and I went on an adventure to Tower Castle and did a little sight seeing.

Over the course of the trip, my family came in and out. The night before I lifted, I went to the P&G House to have family dinner before I wouldn't see them again for a while.

My training went as well as it possibly could have leading into this competition. I was as completely healthy, had personal records, and lifted the heaviest I had ever in my career. The only thing we think we could have done better was clean and jerk heavier more often.

I got up, ate breakfast, got a little massage and got my hair styled. Afterwards, I got ready and headed to the venue. I was pretty nervous but, I think I made myself more nervous than I actually was. I was more physically and mentally prepared for this competition than any in my entire athletic career. I could hardly eat my breakfast for fear of throwing up. I weighed in at a good weight then ate a little bit and rested until it was time to get ready. My only major concern on competition day was having the butt of my singlet rip out. I had already sewn it closed a couple of days before and it was pretty much past the point of no return on that thing.

I went out for introductions and waved at my family. Later I found out that it wasn't them. Who did I wave to?! Haha All of my warm ups in the snatch were pretty smooth. No hiccups there. I gagged a couple of times though. Like I said, I thought I was going to throw up from being nervous. I was however, not as nervous as I was leading into Olympic Trials. I went out and made a solid snatch at 114, then we went up to 118. I over pulled it and missed it behind. Joe and I made the decision to go up to 120 believing it would land in the right place. It did! I got a 6 kgs pr on my snatch and I was so excited I started screaming.

After snatches, I took a potty break and ate a little snack and started getting ready for clean and jerks. They were all good attempts for the most part. Some of my last jerks were a little sloppy but, successful. I missed my first two jerks because of lack of positioning/effort in the jerk. It was down to my last clean and jerk and I did not want to repeat my Pan Am Games performance so I just relaxed and let it happen. Joe asked for 1 more kgs to force the Samoan girl to go ahead of me giving me more read. I made my last jerk and was so relieved! I got two PR snatches and a PR total. My clean and jerk was 1 kg less than my best competition lift. If I had done my best total from training, 270, I would have only moved up one place. So I'm pretty happy with my performance. Not satisfied but, I overall, had a good day.

After competing we had family dinner and gave my coach a round of applause. Enjoyed each other's company and began to plan the rest of our time here.

We have gone to Tower Castle, Windsor Castle, a War Museum, Museum of Natural History, Stone Henge, and Bath. Today we're going to go on a bus and boat tour.

I'm having a blast! I'm thankful for all of my friends and family who have supported me to get me here. It was awesome representing my country at the biggest international stage! I hope to do it again one day. I've learned that through hard work and sacrifice you can make even the biggest dreams come true!

My next big decision? To participate or not in closing ceremonies!

God bless and Stay strong,

Sarah Robles


CJENS said...

I think you should go to the closing cermonies! You made it to the olympics! That is amazing! Enjoy the moments you have in London! I've enjoyed reading your journay, you are such an inspiration and I'm glad you shared it with everyone!

MAMA JONES said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for women everywhere! We may have never met you in person, but we feel we know you personally and are grateful for you allowing us to share in your experience. May God Bless as you continue to make those difficult decisions in your life!

...e... said...

what!!! why not?? do it all, it mat not come around again. you go, girl! :)

J.C. said...

Sounds like you had a once in a lifetime experience! You should totally participate in the closing ceremony to cap it off :)

Todd Bradley said...

Thanks for writing this, Sarah. It's really interesting to hear about your experiences at the Olympics from your direct point of view, instead of the over-processed reports we get on TV news. And congrats on the new PRs.

Jen said...

Rock on! Good that you're making lemonade out of lemons. Disorder is always annoying, but it sounds like you got through it. Good work lifting! :D

Toryn said...

Yes- definitely participate in Closing Ceremonies. Absorb every possible Olympic moment you can!

Annie & Pauls Mom said...

I can't speak from personal experience. But I've always heard that the closing ceremony is all about the athletes enjoying the experience of the olympics. Go to it! You never know what 4 more years will bring into your life.

Kyle M. said...

Closing ceremonies? I can't believe that they're already coming around. I hope you are able to participate in them - could be a great exerience. Regardless, sounds like you've had an incredible time and I've really enjoyed following your journey and learning more about competitive weightlifting. You've been incredibly inspiring and fun. Stay strong, Sarah!

Samantha Angela said...

You were amazing out there!

Scot Roberts said...

Stay for closing.....absolutely. Complete the experience and join in on the hugs and party.
We're real proud of you by the way. You accomplished something most people will only dream of. Being able to say you competed for your country in the Olympics is a very prestigious and exclusive club.

von Hottie said...

You better be in first class on your way home or I'll be upset. You were great, and it was so fun watching you!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are having a good experience! Please participate in the closing ceremony, I want to cheer for you even though I'm English! If you can, go and see a show and go on the London Eye, and enjoy your time here. I've been following your story and you are an inspiration to so many. Heaps of love from GB!

kay said...

Thank you for sharing a mere glimpse into your life as an athlete competing for the first time in the Olympics. Seventh in the entire world!!! I can't wait to see what life has in store for you.

Jodie said...

Hey you're there, right? Go to the ceremony, wave your arse off and have fun! It's something to tell the grandkids someday. And it's something only you can experience in your whole family. Do it so you can share it with them afterwards. Be proud. :)

Mrs. Reid said...

Sarah, your 3rd grade teacher will be looking for you at the Closing Ceremonies! Congratulations! I am so proud of you.
Mrs. Reid

Soozcat said...

I've never met you, Sarah, but I'm so proud of you. The hours and hours of work you've put in, the dedication you've showed, and your ability to break personal records are more indicative of the Olympic spirit than anything I've seen covered on television.

Elizabeth @ the manhattan food project said...

Yay! I'm so glad you you were able to enjoy England! You were so inspiring with your lifts and you represented the US so well. (I say the same about Holley but this isn't her blog so I don't want to detract, but you both did a wonderful job representing our country.) Keep calm and keep lifting strong!