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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympic Games- 1st week

We had considered upgrading our flight to first class on the way here because we really needed leg room but, we didn't get our itineraries until the week before we left so we were i n a scramble to get it done. A very fun woman named Laura, donated her miles so we could upgrade and have an awesome flight!

Here's a link to her site so you can get to know her a bit: Von Hottie

Our flight from Phoenix to Washington D.C. was smooth. I was on standby for first class but got in and Joe was upgraded to Economy plus. We got to Washington and had a 3 hour delay because of the weather somewhere else. No problem though because we got to go into...the United Club! This is a fancy secret club all the rich people go in. Joe and I ate lunch and I told him, "Eat faster! I want to be in there as long as possible. This will never happen again!" Haha so we did. It was nice and quite. They had some light snacks and free drinks, t.v., and comfortable chairs. So we were pretty Ok. Then we finally got to fly and we were so pumped!!!! A. because we're going to the OLYMPICS and B. because we were in fancy class! We got food, drinks, endless water, and movies! We got to recline our seats until they were beds. It made all the difference in the world!

We chose to come out early so I could acclimate and get rid of all of the distractions I had at home. Flying first class was the best thing that could have happened. It made acclimating here so easy. After 3 days, I was good to go!

Our first day here was busy processing and getting our accreditation.
Processing was both fun and slightly frustrating. We got our head shots taken, got free gear, clothes, a watch, an Olympic ring, a couple of pairs of sunglasses, bags, a ginormous towel, and some other stuff. I love getting free things. When ever I get comments about how I have stains or holes in my clothing my response is usually, "I don't buy things." Haha half because I can't afford it and half because I hope to update my athletic wardrobe when I make a new team. (sometimes I get new stuff, and sometimes I don't)

It was slightly frustrating because I went in thinking that there wasn't going to be anything that fit properly. Surprisingly though, they had some Nike and some Ralph Lauren clothes up to their version of 4Xs. I spent a really long time trying clothes on and exchanging stuff. I was tired from the travel and hungry and I was cranky having to exhange so much clothes but, I ended up coming back with a lot of gear. I have a good mix of men's and women's clothes. The staff was super friendly. RL gave us a ton of Tshirt dresses. Not sure what to do with those, but, I'll make it work lol They gave us so much stuff, I have to send a box home. I'm sure glad, my mom and I both brought extra suit cases!

The next day was a light training day to get shake off the cob webs Within a weeks time, I'm pretty back to normal.

Yesterday was our off day, so we went to Tower Castle to take a tour and explore. We then ate lunch and headed back. The whole city is geared up for the games. There are Olympic Posters, window decals, driving lanes, etc all for us! So lovely. Tower castle was awesome. To walk in a place where so much history has happened was so flippin' cool. It was nice to see my coach get excited about something outside of athleticssn

Today was a heavy training day. I snatched up to 110 and clean and jerked 140. Today was particularly fun because of watching other athletes train in the facility I was at. We trained next to the Swedish handball team. Their plyo workout was nuts! I loved it. The Italian women's volleyball team came in. Their work out was dramatically different having their coaches loading their weights, picking the weights up for them, etc. Almost diva like. Maybe I need a little more of that? Loading your own weights is for chumps.

I am enjoying being surrounded by so many elite level, like minded people. Meeting new friends, seeing old ones, seeing my family, and celebrating all that is good in life is really a fun experience.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog right before the Olympics! It's very cool to see your perspective. All the best!

Drew B said...

Awesome! Glad that you are getting comfortable in London. Love your blog and everything you're doing for strong women everywhere.

Have fun and kick butt!

- Drew

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to hear that RL and Nike chose to step up and provide clothes that fit all the athletes on the team. I've been wondering how that would turn out since you first posted about that a while back.

Have fun and do your best!

Anonymous said...

So cool Sarah. I'm really enjoying hearing your story.
~Susie A.

von Hottie said...

What a great first week, and thanks for the shout out! I'm so excited that the whole first class thing worked out. I've never flown first class internationally, but I'd heard there was unlimited cheese and hot towels. You're worth it!

I'm the Managing Editor of a lifestyle challenge site,, and we've just created a challenge so our community could show their support for you. The challenge is to do 568 shoulder presses (or other exercise) over the course of the Olympic Games - one rep for every pound you lifted at the trials. If anyone wants to join us, here is the link:

p.s. Maybe try some leggings or capris under the t-shirt dresses? Or turn them into very luxurious pajamas.

p.p.s. "Loading your own weights is for chumps." HAHAHA. I'm going to tell my trainer that.

Laura (aka von Hottie)

Azzy said...

I read a little about you on the ThinkProgress website and came to check out your blog. Good Luck in the Olympics! America is rooting for you! :)

Donna said...

Let the games begin! Can't wait to watch! So happy you get to experience this!

Rosemary Gaona said...

I am so excited for you! Enjoy the blessings and thank our Lord daily. Our family is cheering for you. Say 'Hey' to Joe. Coaching you in the Olmpics is a dream come true. Have a wonderful time and just put your life in God's hands. What an opportuity!

Amy Anne said...

Rooting for you!!! Enjoy the experience!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the Olympics!

Also, for t-shirt dresses: Fabulous belts.

Orionsfaith said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story! Been having fun w/ weightlifting for a few months now and it's so nice to see other women in the sport, I'm just surprised the US team, and the sport as a whole (only 10 ppl have profiles up on the nbc website at least) isn't bigger.

Anonymous said...

So cool to hear about your experiences and follow along. You are awesome, and can't wait to see you compete!


Anonymous said...

Super, super thrilled for you that the clothiers were able to remember that athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and I'm so glad you're already having a great time across the pond. We're all pulling for you, girl: stay strong and kick ass!

Luke Munn said...

Hey, I read about you on Buzzfeed and just want to give you some support. i had no idea ho hard it was to be an Olympian, I mean in the financial sense, I figured you guys had it made! I wish you had tons of sponsorship deals because I think we need more diverse, strong women role models out there.

Sherrie said...

Rooting for you!

cece said...

Good Luck Sarah! I am rooting for you! Hope weightlifting is featured on TV! Would love to watch you WIN!

Jodie said...

Great news on the freebies and bravo to Laura for being so kind as to donate her miles.

Kick some butt out there! :)

Chuck Ruiz said...

As a San Jacinto resident we were excited to hear about your success today at church. No matter what happens in London your life is just beginning and you can do anything. I know what it is to struggle and I know what it is to be successful while being considered an outcast. You can make your dreams come true. My name is Crystal Ruiz and since we come from a small town you should be able to contact me. Let me know if I can do anything to help you.

Chuck Ruiz said...

I think I speak for all of San Jacinto when I say we are proud of you. Chuck