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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Protein- Rockin' Refuel

With the amount of beating my muscles take every day it is essential that I supplement with protein. It is near impossible to consume as much as I need by eating it alone. I've been told by coach to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. When you  weigh 275 lbs like me, that's a whole lot of protein! :o

Currently, I drink Rockin' Refuel. Here are my reasons:

1.) No crazy, incomprehensible ingredients.
2.) Tastes awesome
3.) No fillers
4.) Good amount of protein per serving
5.) Cost
6.) Safe for drug testing

A lot of  powdered or RTDs (ready to drink) proteins have a lot of fillers. They have weird sugar substitutes, artificial ingredients, and a million ingredients. I need protein dang it! It sucks having to look up all the ingredients on the label and then decide if it's worth the risk of taking the product. If you are in the USADA drug testing pool,  you'll understand. Olympic athletes can't just walk into a store and just buy a supplement and take it.

Unlike some athletes or celebrities out there, I have vowed not to endorse a product I do not like or have not tried for the sake of money. I will not compromise that ideal of mine.

I have been drinking Rockin' Refuel for a few months now thanks to their generous donation of products. Supplements cost a lot and this is really helping to offset some of my expenses. I will not eat or drink something I do not like. I won't even chug it. My team mates and coach have experienced this firsthand. I LOVE Rockin' Refuels.

They have 3 flavors:
chocolate (my favorite)
strawberry (It's pretty good for a strawberry flavored drink)
and vanilla (which tastes like the melty part of a vanilla milk shake)

They have expanded their product line and now have a "light" version and a version with 30 grams of protein. They also have it in two forms: shelf stable, and refrigerate only. The refrigerate only ones taste the best but, I like the shelf stable kind because I put one or two drinks in the fridge at a time to save space.

The cost is also very cheap. If you forget to bring your protein or run out, you can easily find these at the grocery or convenient store. They are a local AZ company, so I can't say for a certainty the availability elsewhere. I have found them for as little as $1.34 and as expensive as $1.99. Their competitors runs on average, $3.99. You pay twice as much yet get the same amount of protein. So save yourself some money.

I get drug tested quite frequently and randomly for my sport, so it's important that I take reliable products. If I can read and understand 10 ingredients or less, I can see that there's nothing in there to worry about. Time and time again, I test negative for any banned substances.

Your local Olympian endorses this product. Go out and try it after your next workout!



Marycay said...

Sounds like a good product. What kind of protein is in it? Can it be used as meal substitute?

Sarah and Jessica said...

It's just whey protein. The dairies usually separate the whey from the milk before they bottle and sell it. This company takes that whey and puts it back into the milk. It's a pretty unique approach. I'm not sure if it could be used as a meal substitute but, I would recommend this as a supplement to your diet vs. meal replacement.

Girl Gamer Cooks said...

Hello, I recently found your blog as I have been having trouble finding things for plus size girls for active wear. I have issues finding bras to hold my breast in place that are supportive. I bought one sports bra about a year ago and it was horrible and claimed it was for my size. Where can I find good supportive bras to workout in?

Sarah and Jessica said...

Have a small cup size and a big band size. So it is difficult for me to find sports bras as well. I don't need as much support as people would think though.

Junonia has some sports bras that look like they can be good. I haven't tried the, yet so don't take my word on it.

Just my size might be able to work for you too

Anonymous said...

You maaaaay want to take a closer at the numbers on the label, not just the ingredients. If weight loss is your can do much better than 300 calories and 44 grams of sugar with numerous other product. While there aren't a ton of ingredients ot chemicals in this product, which is a good thing, its hard to overlook the calories and high sugar content, natural or not.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I live in AZ. I'm going to search for and try that product based on your recommendation.

Duncan McCullough said...

Hey anonymous,

I don't know if she's trying to lose weight. She may just be supplementing to increase protein consumption.
Also after a hard work out, your body is depleted and needs glycogen (sugars), preferably fast-digesting ones. That way your body can recover quickly. Insulin actually increases protein synthesis which is exactly what you want after working your muscles out. Lots of weight lifters and body builders consume simple carbs post work out because of this reason.

Nikki said...

I LOVE this product! I drink it everytime after I lift. I don't drink a whole bottle though in one day due to the fact I am trying to lose weight. I recommend it to everyone!