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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Poor Athlete Recipes- Pesto Burgers

Poor Athlete Recipes:  Pesto Burger
I thought to myself one day, what would a Pesto Burger taste like? I love Pesto, I love burgers. Let’s do this! They were so awesome!
1 log of ground beef.  $4.50
Basil Pesto $1.60 Fresh and Easy brand on clearance
Ciabatta Buns $2.69 4 count
Mozzarella Cheese $2.39
1 Avocado $.60 Clearance at Fresh and Easy
1 tbs Olive oil, 1 tbs balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, oregano to taste.  Free! I already had this junk
Total- $11.78 Makes 4 hamburgers
I took all of the meat from my log, and added in Pesto until it was green. I cooked it into patties that would fit onto the ciabatta bun.  I made about 4 patties total. I melted mozzarella cheese on top.
Turn your broiler on so you can toast your buns or heat up a pan to brown the buns. Take the olive oil, garlic powder, oregano, and balsamic vinegar and mix together. Spread on the top and bottom parts of the buns and brown.
Mush up the avocado and spread onto the bun, add meat, enjoy!

1 comment:

Duncan McCullough said...

Oooh, that sounds delicious. I love avocado on burgers already and pesto is awesome.
There's a restaurant where I am that makes a peanut butter burger. They use peanut butter that isn't sweetened and they use it as a condiment. It sounds crazy, but is delicious.