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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Collegiate National Championships 2011 Recap

Collegiate Nationals was awesome! I had a great time.

Firstly, I want to thank Kyle Pierce and all of his LSUS athletes for running the meet. Kyle has had many years of experience with lifting and how to run meets.It was run pretty efficiently and the athletes had a great time.

Team Arizona (my team) had a great meet! Craig Rintoul got a good total in and may qualify for the World University Games. Keith Weitz got a pr total as a 62 and attempted a 120 clean and jerk. I got a personal record total, broke the clean and jerk record, and got the "Best Female Lifter" award.

I got a few ladies on film and their videos are on

Videos of the men are one 

Here are some thoughts on the sessions and athletes I saw...

One of my favorite lifters to watch was a 56 from LSUS who went 6 for 6 I believe. He took 10 kgs jumps in his clean and jerk, which isn't very common for a lighter weightlifter. I loved to see him lift with such alacrity.

Aaron Adams of LSUS was the highlight of this session. He hadn't been lifting seriously for a while so I  have heard, only to have lifted for about two months before the meet. He got personal records and broke the Collegiate National records in clean and jerk and total.

-Peter Musa won the session with a 266 total. He didn't look very spunky in his clean and jerks, I could tell midway through his pull in his last clean, he wasn't going to make it. However, he is pretty strong and squat jerking 147 is pretty impressive.
-Andrew Vrable of NMU had an almost perfect day with a pr 248 total. He barely missed a 140 clean and jerk. He'll get it next time, though!

-Mack Brunson from Lindenwood University missed his second clean. It wasn't a very good attempt. On his third attempt he beasted it up! He cleaned it and one of his hands popped off the bar, he duck walked it a bit, readjusted, and made the jerk. Great comeback!

-Hilary Katzenmeir of LSUS had a great day going 6 for 6 and having a pr total in her new weight class. She used to be a 58. She looks a lot leaner and is lifting a lot meaner!

-Britta Carlson of NMU is a transfer athlete from power lifting. Her speed has improved a lot. With some minor technical issues she lost her last attempts. But she's looking good.

Kendrick Farris of LSUS went 4 for 6 I think missing only his last two attempts. I'm glad he got in some good lifts considering the last couple meets he has had. Kendrick got "Best Male Lifter" award. Kendrick is awesome. He's going for 2012, so keep an eye out for this guy!

Jarred Flemming was looking like he was in really good shape. He broke like 5 collegiate records and 3 Jr. National records! He's going to make a lot of money from Mr. Charles Poliquin. Congrats to him. Maybe we'll see him on the Pan Am Games or World Teams


-Jessie Humeston representing Pikes Peak Community College had a good day going 5 for 6 I believe only missing one of her clean and jerks. She was looking sharp and got PRs!
-Megan Kranz from LSUS didn't look in tip top shape but, that happens from time to time. She has more in her and she'll have a great next meet for sure. She's an awesome gal and a hard worker.

-Allie Henry representing NMU won her session. She's a beast in the snatch. 90 kgs!
-Robin Feuerman from NMU also lifted and took 3rd. She lifted pretty well considering her knees weren't feeling the best. She's gearing toward nationals I think. It'll be excited to see her feeling spunky and see some great lifts.

Samantha Zimmerman represented the University of South Alabama. She wanted to break the clean and jerk record. For some reason after recovering from the jerk on her second attempt she dropped it. It was strange.She made it on her third attempt though. Hopefully she'll break the record next year.

Steve Jarvis from NMU lifted in his first national level meet (maybe) since his back injury. He had an awesome day lifting 155 and 185.

-Fernando Reis represented Lindenwood and he had a great day going 5 for 6 lifting PRs and breaking collegiate records. Some people commented thing he was being "conservative" in his attempts. When actually, those were his best lifts. Meaning, his lifts looked really easy. His jerks are perhaps the most beautiful I have ever seen. 
-Cameron Swart from LSUS had a super great day as well. He and I were on the same Jr. World team together in 2008 and it was nice to see him back lifting and in good shape. He lifted PRs and got 2nd place. I heard his warm ups weren't looking that great. He is definitely a competition lifter!

Here's a video of my lifts from that weekend:

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