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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chinese National Championships 75+ Video

I like this video a lot. Look at those big girls move! It's a common misconception that super heavyweight lifters are slow and unathletic.
Many people are not impressed with super heavyweight lifters because they are not lifting a huge amount of weight in relation to their body weight.
Take me and Luz Acosta for example. She weighs 63 kgs and I weigh 120 kgs. If we both snatch 100 kgs, she is stronger pound for pound. It's important to note that supers are still having to move their own body weight plus a loaded bar. If you think about it that way, Luz is moving a total of 163 kgs and I am moving a total of 220 kgs.

The girl in the blue singlet moves so fast under the bar in the snatch. Also, please notice her static leg strength. She gets stuck in the bottom of what looks like 161 kgs ( 354 lbs) and still stands up with it. How many girls do you know that can do that?

Looks like Mu Shuangshuang is lifting big weights too, snatching 140. She made her opener in the clean and jerk at 175 and missed 184 of her second (187 is the world record) looks like she got hurt and passed on her third leaving another girl to lift like 186 kgs breaking the Chinese national record of 183.

Pretty Exciting...Pretty Strong


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