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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Athlete of the Year: Chioma Amaechi

Name: Chioma Amaechi
Age: 18
Club: Hassle Free Barbell
Years in weightlifting:  2
Other sports competed in: Softball, Track n Field,

How did you get started in weightlifting?
My Coach Doherty saw me in the gym on my way to softball practice, and stopped me. He said I needed to throw the shot put, discus, and lift weights. I said, “yes” to everything but lifting weights. He then told me that lifting weights would help with my knee injury; so I agreed to do it for rehab. Before I knew it, I was competing in the Tommy Kono 3 snatching 62 and clean and jerking 80 kilos after a month of “rehab.”

What are your short/long term goals in weightlifting?
Short term: Medal at Jr Worlds
Long term: Be the best super-heavy weight lifter American has ever had which means, beating out Cheryl Haworth’s numbers

What are your best lifts?
 Snatch 91, Clean n Jerk 125,Total 213, Front squat 180, Back squat 215

Have you thought about going anywhere for weightlifting?
I have thought about going to CSOTC and NMU, but I was blessed with the opportunity at Cal Berkeley to be on a full ride to do both Olympic Style Weightlifting and Track and Field.

Do you have a favorite lifter that you admire the most?
I do not have a favorite lifter. I enjoy watching and supporting all lifters and I love to see a fight. So, the better the competition is, that is where my attention is.  

Tell us about your 6 for 6, PR performance at the American Open. What are your thoughts and feelings?
At the American Open, I wasn’t worried about winning because I didn’t think I would. I was more focused and having fun. It was my first AO and I was being coached by Zygmunt for the first time in a competition. I was excited to see how he was able to deal with me during a meet because I am a very energetic person even seconds before I go on the platform but, with the help of my coaches I am usually able to calm down and focus on my lift. After, I was very shocked and excited because I knew that I was good for more. I just ran outta attempts.

80% of lifters go 4 for 6 or less at national competitions. How do you successfully go 6 for 6 so often?
When I go to a competition and put a number/total of what I want to achieve in my head, I usually do poorly because I am trying too hard. What I have realized is: when I go in with a clear mind and only visualize myself doing the lifts properly, it comes more naturally because I am not focused on number instead on each individual lift.

Have you seen any benefit in your throws from Olympic weightlifting?
Discipline. I am a way harder and more focused worker because of Olympic weightlifting and because of the intense training that I have encountered. I am ready for change and ready to work in Olympic weightlifting and in throws. Also it makes me faster and more explosive.

Would you recommend weightlifting to other athletes to supplement their training?
Absolutely! I believe that weightlifting can supplement every sport for coordination, speed, and strength.

In a male dominated sport, how do you keep in touch with your feminine side?
Well, even though I don’t think I am the most feminine person around, I still love to look good when I workout. I get my nails done before every meet, and change the shoelace string on my shoes to make them cute, plus, the shoelaces have to match my headband. 

What do you want to say to girls who are thinking about trying weightlifting for the first time?
I would like to say that weightlifting at first sight does not seem like the funnest thing in the world or the most “feminine” thing to do, but I tried it and fell in love with the competition the intensity of the sport the feeling of making a lift that no one else expected you to do with grace, class, and style.

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