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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Softball Girls and Quotes of the Week

     We have some high school softball girls that train with us here at Performance One and boy, are they amazing! One of our girls got to pitch at the Jr. Olympics, the other got an offer for a full-ride scholarship to Minnesota and the other is crazy strong. Two of these girls were able to learn to snatch and or clean and jerk on their first day! One girl, she could switch over to weightlifting right now! I wish she would. Ha. Her second week in the gym and she was squatting 80 kgs for sets of 5. She told us her best squat was 200 lbs! She's also like 105 lbs. She's one strong cookie.

Here are some funny quotes I've heard in the past week or so:

"You guys have tomorrow off so, kill yourselves today."
"I may be dumb for an Asian but, I am smart for a White person."
"I'm not one of these lifters that knows what's going on." 
"I'm digging the new blog. I mean, not that I aspire to be a strong woman, but I do want to be as strong as some women."
"I wish I had the quads of a 48 kgs girl."

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